this might be a pretty strange/morbid thread, but this a hobby i've been doing for a very long time. I'm a horror movie director for YouTube. By that I mean that I make a lot of horror videos with PC games like the sims and grandtheft auto. it's my own twisted/creative outlet that i've been doing since i was in elementary school.

This is one video i made with grandtheft auto san andreas. It takes place in the 1980s and it's about a serial killer on the loose in San Francisco who wants to huntdown her adoptive brother (me...) It's kind of inspired by the john carpender halloween movies. I finished it earlier this week and it took 2 months to make (but i would have got it done a lot sooner but i was busy with a lot of my college work stuff)

another thing is, I always "self-insert" in all of my horror movies i make (that means that I always put myself as a character in all of them). the character named Joe is supposed to be me. he's voiced by me too.

please share your thoughts and tell me what you think of it. but i must warn you, it's kind of violent, but it's nothing but CGI blood and cheap early 2000s graphics icon_razz.gif