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    Nov 05, 2015 9:08 PM GMT
    Each of us can become a cancer patient, disabled, or a victim of violence. Even those who consider themselves smart and lucky one day can simply fall on the street, hit their head, lose memory and become homeless. As a matter of fact over 90 % of homeless have some sort of brain trauma in their past. So, what happened to them is none of their fault.
    We, my wife Anna and me, Orthodox priest Boris Kriger had opened the doors of our home to those who were homeless and for different reasons couldn’t get help from existing social services. No matter how hard they try to help there are moments when they can’t do this, because people lose their documents or just unable to get to the office without our help. This is exactly the cases when simple Christian help can come handy.
    Not because we are better, but because someone has to do this job too. We just try to be consistent with what we preach: the love of neighbor, patience and humility. We just try to follow our own principles.
    However, life does not differentiate between religions and faiths. In this home everyone found food and shelter – Canadians, Russians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, atheists.
    For more than four years we accepted everyone with no questions asked. We try to heal their mental and physical wounds, put back on their feet, help them to return to normal life.
    We get help, too, without distinction of religion or belief. We get regular donations of food and other things.
    But there is not enough money for something that we cannot exchanged for bread or canned food.
    Especially in winter there is not enough money to pay for heating and electricity.
    We have few people live with us in our house. Cancer patient, kicked out of his house, the victimof violence, former drug addict and one mentally ill person. Very good people. They might perish, without this house ... And without heating we will not survive.
    We're are always working. I worked as a taxi driver. My wife is taking cleaning jobs. Those tenants who can work - are not sitting idle either. But the funds are still not enough for heating and electricity.
    Please go to the site
    The same way we help the unfortunate in Africa without having the possibility and the need to visit over there. But here there were cases in which those who helped us later on used our shelter in the difficult moments of their life.
    Lump sums donations we spend directly on fresh food ... But the small monthly donations would go to cover the bills.
    We do not expect that you will follow our example and admit to your house the homeless. But with such small amount we ask for - everyone can help.
    If you are a donor who runs his own business we can advertise your business as our sponsor on our facebook where we have over 3300 friends.
    You can also place a sign “Sponsor of the shelter for disabled” in your advertising.
    Please go to the website
    and sign up for a monthly donation.
    Many thanks to everyone helping us!
    God bless you for your help!
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    Nov 06, 2015 8:12 AM GMT
    No matter how well meaning, this is spam and needs to be deleted.