Struggling keeping up high intake

  • shawnyshawn3

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    Nov 06, 2015 4:50 AM GMT

    Recently started on 3000cal/ 15000kj a day and its really smashing me.

    Feeling tired a lot of the time and struggling to hit the gym,

    currently doing

    protein= 45%
    carbs= 35%
    fats= 20%

    just wondering if its a flaw in the way I'm balancing out my foods, because its not even really that high I was supposed to go for 5000cal a day but just don't have the appetite yet.

    or if anyone has advice in general about upping intake and good ways to do it that would be great.
  • bad_wolf

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    Nov 08, 2015 8:05 AM GMT
    How long have you been doing this diet for ?
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    Nov 08, 2015 4:16 PM GMT
    Did you see

    Have you ever thought of going to a sports dietitian? I'm sure there are many in Sydney.
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    Nov 09, 2015 12:37 AM GMT
    Bachian: Thanks for earlier comments on coconut meat, cashew nuts! They're helpful!
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    Nov 10, 2015 2:46 AM GMT
  • badbug

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    Nov 17, 2015 11:03 AM GMT

    How big are you, and are you juicing?

    That is a lot of calories, what are your goals here?

    sorry....3000 calories is 12000 kilojoules.....

    So is it 15000 you are after?

    I would worry more about protein as grams per lb of body weight, rather than as percentage of calories. Proteins require more kidney usage than carbs or fats, so you don't want to up protein too high. Plus protein is absorbed differently, so larger amounts at a certain point aren't going to be beneficial.

    Carbs, should be more tailored to your energy levels rather than percentage of diet aswell.

    Types of fat, is important for health reasons and since you are going to be eating lots of them, healthier fats are going to be better for you from both a T level perspective and a overall health perspective.

    this was awhile ago you posted, i am not sure why i am even replying but maybe someone else might read this and have use for it. : )


    upping intake depends on your goals, and your methods.

    if you are juicing, intake upping is easier if it's for the football team, it's got to be leaner if it's for competititons.

    same rules apply if you are just trying to get bigger.....for the beach? for next month? for next year?

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    Nov 17, 2015 11:54 AM GMT
    If you're looking to get bigger I think you need to up your carbs. Your carbs should be higher than your protein not the other way around. No wonder you don't have much energy!