Fakes on RJ inviting you to see their PAY SITE webcams!

  • TallGWMvballe...

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    Feb 03, 2009 1:13 AM GMT
    There have been TWO guys here on RJ that sent me email and IMed me with sexual and other talk and then asking me to go to Yahoo Messenger or MSN to chat and at some point ask to webcam and when I click on the link I see it is a pay porn site.
    When confronted with this they both said, "It is a free site... you need the credit card to verify your age"

    Both had profiles here both talked as if from a script. One said he is an "Underwear model"

    Has anyone else run into these scammers?

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    Feb 03, 2009 3:46 AM GMT
    I think someone mentioned this also in a different thread. You should report it to the admins and/or block the users.
  • ShawnTX

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    Feb 03, 2009 3:55 AM GMT
    You should give us their screen names.