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    Nov 15, 2015 5:49 AM GMT
    When training, do you guys make up your own routine in advance or follow specific routines you found somewhere? What's your weekly routine like? Do you also follow a strict diet plan as well? What's it like? I'm slowly dipping my feet back into weight training after leaving it for so long (forgive me) I am in need of a little guidance. Thanks in advance.
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    Nov 15, 2015 6:42 AM GMT
    What works for you might not work for others and vice versa as far as routines go.

    For example, my chest.....I do chest once every 2 weeks, bench, flys and that's it. Lots of people think that ain't shit, but it takes me 2 weeks to recover and i got good growth given my genetics. I got gym friends that do their chest twice a week....if i did that, my pecs would just explode.

    Diet, is 90 percent unless you are planning on competition. Then diet is only 85 percent. I don't follow a "strict" meal plan, but i am strict about what i can and can't eat and the times i do eat.

    It's pretty simple, lean protein every 3 hours, lots of vegetables, some fruit, healthy fat like coconut oil. (organic if you swing that way) I cut out fruit after 6 p.m.

    Stay away from any processed foods and fast foods. Bread is sugar, pasta is sugar, stay away from sugar, soda, fruit juice....the one exception being right after a workout. Liquid carbs are good right after a hard workout, in moderation. Like right after, while you stretch.

    Rest is key aswell. Your muscles grow when you rest and recover, not when you lift. So you want to look after your rest and recovery (which diet is a big part of) as much as you do your weights.

    Don't let what you do in the gym, mess with your diet. Your diet is key. Super key. You follow a good diet, whatever you lift will turn to muscle and shed fat. Diet, diet, diet!!!!

    Don't waste any money on supplements. Unless it's just protein powder or maybe fish oil. Creatine is not needed. Spending any money you'd waste on supps. is better off going towards vegetables.

    Other than that, what are your goals?

    Weight loss? Muscle gain? To gain max muscle, you might get softer lose max weight, you'll shed some muscle or atleast have a hard time adding any.....if you just want to get healthier, just start eating properly and lifting and you'll figure out what you need to adjust as time goes on.

    Learning what your body responds to, is key. Both from a diet perspective and a weight training perspective. I can't sneeze without my triceps growing! but i got skinny little forearms and calves!

    Also, cut out booze. Sucks i know. You are young, so you probably can't do that. lol

    Limit yourself to 2 or 3 drinks max. Drink hard alcohol mixed with water. (or don't mix it)

    Booze raises estrogen, bad, and it also stops your body from burning fat while telling your body to store more fat. It's like the fattiest thing there is pretty much. The less alcohol you drink the better.

    2-3 shots of vodka a couple nights a week isn't going to hurt too bad...but anymore and it's not good.
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    Nov 15, 2015 2:49 PM GMT
    There are plenty of really good routines you can find online. If you're just getting back into weight training it's better to just follow one of those and then adjust it to your needs after a few weeks. Try the workout database from you can search workouts by goal, days of the week etc:

    A strict diet plan is also important when you first start. People under or overestimate how many calories and macronutrients they eat. I'd suggest you keep track of every single thing you eat for at least 6 months until you have a good idea of what's the real calorie count of foods. There are plenty of apps to help you with it.

    The routine I'm doing right now lasts 9 weeks. It's designed for a specific competition so it works a lot on stamina and explosiveness. It could help you lose weight but wouldn't be the best for hypertrophy.

    The routine is divided into a different workout for each 3-week period. Number in parenthesis shows reps change for each week so for example "db bp 3x10 (8 6)" means on week one I do 3 sets of 10, week two 3 sets of 8 and week three 3 sets of 6.

    Week 1-3
    pec stretch 2x6
    db bp 3x10 (8 6)
    lat stretch 2x6
    single arm bent over row 3x10 (8 6)
    rope pull up 2x9 (10 12)
    bicep curl 2x10 (8 6)
    skull crushers 2x10 (8 6)

    front squat with db 3x10 (8 6)
    plate crunch 3x10 (8 6)
    straight leg dl 3x10 (8 6)
    lateral plank 2x 60sec
    lateral lunge 2x10 (8 6)

    db romanina dl 3x10 (8 6)
    plate crunch 3x10 (8 6)
    single leg box squat 3x10 (8 6)
    lat planl 2x60
    lat lunge 2x10 (8 6)

    Week 4-6
    one arm db bp 3x10 (8 6)
    pull up 3x15
    one arm db snatch 2x10 (8 6)
    upright row db 2x10 (8 6)
    db mil press 2x10 (8 6)
    single arm bent over row 2x10 (8 6)
    pushups 2x failure

    singleleg split squat 3x10 (8 6)
    weighted glute bridge 3x10 (8 6)
    bodyweight squat 2x30
    bodyweight front lunge 2x10
    bodyweight lat lunge 2x10
    bodyweight jump squat 2x10

    Week 7-9
    pec stretch 4x6
    bp 5x5 (4 3)
    clap pushup 2x5
    lat stretch 4x6
    single arm and leg db row 5x5 (4 3)
    plank 2x60
    russian twist 2x12

    front squat 4x5 (4 3)
    jump squat 3x3
    hanging knee raise 4x12
    single leg deadlift 3x5 (4 3)
    plank 2x60
    russian twost 2x12

    lat stretch 4x6
    neutral grip pulllup 5x5 (8 10)
    pec stretch 4x6
    incline bp 4x5 (4 3)
    plank 2x60
    russian twist 2x12

    hanging knee raise 4x12
    romanian dl 4x5 (4 3)
    bb split squat 4x5 (4 3)
    jump lunges 3x6
    plank 2x60
    russian twist 2x12

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    Nov 15, 2015 3:11 PM GMT
    Of course what we might suggest, based on our own personalities and schedules may not be right for you at all....

    For me, it's all planned in advance, I vary my weight training between home and the gym, but on the days I'm targeting specific muscle groups, I emphasize both at home and the gym. Cardio, certainly an important part of the mix and needs to be planned as well.

    I do a morning "cardio" set that I do 6 days a week, composed of mostly push ups and stretching, but do some step cardio as well. What produces success is the ability to repeat on time and schedule. Whatever you choose, make sure it works for you.

    As far as nutrition, I try and plan that as well, but I really am a very lucky person, I look great and I don't have to "try" too hard in the diet department... just common sense. You may have to approach it differently.