The Netflixtization of the media

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    Nov 15, 2015 8:01 PM GMT
    While I'm sure this has been discussed before who wants to revive long dead threads. I'm loving the sheer amount of diversity we are gain in subscription content. Content ownership is becoming obsolete as we all have less attention while at the same time humanity is creating more and more content.

    I had xfinity installed at home and the guy left q little splitter just encase I ever want to add cable. I told him "I'm 30 and never had cable and never will." Comcast is just a dumb pipe for what I really want.

    I'm a huge "The Great Courses" fan and their new subscription service has me way to excited. Its $50 a month or $30 if you pay for the year all at once. Add in Groove, Microsoft's music service, audible and Netflix and I'm not shying away from spending money.

    Look at all the choice we have in paying for music, movies, books, TV, and let's face it, blogs are the new magazine/newspaper. Its funny how all of this started with the people making their desire for more choice available through Napster, decades ago.
  • Nhlakz

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    Nov 17, 2015 5:14 AM GMT
    Its a bit said coz the rest of the world still enjoys paytv unlike u guys in the US who r embracing netflix,amazon and hulu..most companies that started offering similar services here in south africa r being "phased out"due to market resistance...africans love their sports and r willing to pay a lot of money for their satilite tv's services monthly..and yes blogs r fun as they keep us upto date but hv a few disadvantage..most blogs only focus on what they want"(r interested in) and traditional news papers still cover everything..from leading news story to sports,lifestyle and etc.