Woman Stabs 22-Year-Old Pregnant Friend To Death, Cuts Baby From Her Stomach

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    Nov 24, 2015 5:36 PM GMT

    Is it Voodoo? Mind control? Something in the water? I mean we hear of bizarre stories of new borns or fetuses being found in dumpsters or in garbage bags but I don't think I have ever heard of a story of this caliber, unless in another Hannibal Lector movie. Takes the term "frenemy" to a whole new level. icon_eek.gif


    On Friday, 22-year-old Angelikque Sutton was supposed to marry Patrick Bradley, the father of the child she had carried inside her for nearly nine months. Instead, she was gruesomely murdered by a friend who cut her baby out of her womb and pretended the child was hers.

    “It’s my baby!” is what Ashleigh Wade, also 22, reportedly told cops when they arrived at her Bronx apartment and found her sitting on the stoop with bloody hands. The boyfriend whom she called and asked to come over “because she did something really bad,” was cradling Sutton’s baby in his jacket. Inside Wade’s apartment lay the body of her friend which had been stabbed several times in the neck and torso; across her stomach was a deep gash from where Wade cut the baby out of her. In the bathroom, authorities found the placenta and umbilical cord, which Wade cut herself; a bloody knife laid nearby.

    Wade initially tried to convince police she’d given birth to the baby herself but eventually confessed that she’d stabbed Sutton “as many times as she could” in self-defense. Wade claimed Sutton tried to attack her with a knife and after wrestling it away from her she then stabbed her friend in the neck and only cut her stomach open to save the baby. Wade was taken into custody at the scene and transferred to Elmhurst Center Hospital in Queens Saturday to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She has been charged with murder, manslaughter and criminal possession of a weapon

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    Nov 27, 2015 5:17 PM GMT
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