Roll your own. Take that, RJ Reynolds. In your face, Lorillard.

I get my weed from PA (taxes are lower than in NJ), just 45 minute drive from home. I spend under $35 and that does me for at least a month.

Sometimes I buy it locally if I don't feel like driving so far. NJ tax is outrageous, as you might well imagine. But even then I still save bucks.

I figured I have them down to about $1.50 a pack, factoring in gas and time spent rolling them (which really is no time at all, I can roll up a pack in about five minutes).

The machine cost me about $40, so it was negligible - paid for itself after the couple of weeks.

The cigs taste better, and are much better for you than the factory smokes. Indeed, I was always a Newport 100 man, and I can't stand those things any more.