Scientists engineer mosquito with malaria-blocking genes

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    Nov 26, 2015 8:20 AM GMT
    Scientists engineer mosquito with malaria-blocking genes
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    Nov 26, 2015 1:12 PM GMT

    This is good news and terrible news.

    When swords were first invented, few people had them and they weren't too overwhelmingly better than spears and bows that people already had.

    Then the crossbow, which was much more dangerous as it didn't require as much training as an archer or a knight, it could go through armor....but still no game changer...

    Then we got muskets, rifles, grenades......with each passing generation of new technology, the ability for that technology to be reproduced grows and grows.

    In 1910 nobody could make a car. But now, anyone can if they know how to weld and read.

    The problem here, is that although this is cutting edge science 30 or 40 years your typical university student will be able to do this. What happens when some mentally disturbed person decides to make an algae that consumes oxygen and produces CO2 and lets it loose in the ocean? What happens when some jihadi splices ebola and the common cold?

    The issue isn't will this shit happen, clearly it will....there will be people in the future that are seeking to cause mass amounts of damage for whatever reason. It just so happens that it is really complicated to make a nuclear bomb......what if it wasn't? What if the next super weapon is pretty easy to make? What if the next super weapon is just a matter of splicing the right couple of genes together and knowing where to deploy the bacteria or virus?

    With all the bickering and anti-science that goes on in politics.....with the left wing not wanting to call Islamic Terrorists islamic, denying that they believe the things they say they want to do......what is the likelihood that we do anything to actually eradicate the prolem?

    What about crazy loners? The world seems to be becoming more fast paced and more socially isolating than ever before. Without question more psyhcopaths and lower empathy people are being bred today and with the media in the state it is in, many of them get to be stars for an afternoon if they do something horrific.

    The problem is, the capacity for a single person to do damage is growing and growing and will likely continue to grow as our technology increases....would you board an airplane if anyone could crash it? How safe would a world be, if any properly motivated nutcase in it could destroy it?

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    Nov 26, 2015 5:51 PM GMT
    Oh no a genetically modified mosquito?!?!? Don't eat it!!!