"Right Out of California: The 1930s and the Big Business Roots of Modern Conservatism”

"Like Nixon, Reagan drew on the political vocabulary Hoover and Campaigns Inc. used in the 1934 elections. He castigated the elite on the other side of a cultural, not economic, divide—an elite of eggheads, not fat cats. When Reagan ran for governor of California in 1966, he directed his fire at the intellectual elite at the state’s public university system. Candidate Reagan blamed a “leadership gap in Sacramento” that “permitted the degradation of the once great University of California.” He built on decades of populist attacks on the taxpayer-supported university as a cesspool of political radicalism and moral degeneracy, teeming with Reds, pinks, and queers. At Reagan’s first UC regents meeting, the majority voted to fire Clark Kerr on the spot."