HIV Started in or around 1908.

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    Nov 30, 2015 2:14 AM GMT
    On the radio, I just listened to a broadcast about the origins of HIV.

    Unrelated Introduction

    The segment before the HIV segment dealt with, I guess, Typhoid Mary.

    A doctor went to where she lived and told her he needed a sample of her blood, urine, and feces.

    Mary did what anyone else would do. She told him no.

    Thinking a woman would have more success, a lady by the name of Josephine Baker (not that Josephine Baker) was sent to her house. Same luck: no luck.

    Then the police got involved.
    They found her hiding place and carted her off.

    The tests showed she was Patient Zero.

    Now to HIV Patient Zero.

    A French-Canadian flight attendant was thought to be Patient Zero. His name was Gaƫtan Dugas. The year was 1984.

    But he wasn't patient 0.
    A trace went back to 1966.
    But that wasn't the start.

    Did they say a nurse died of the disease in the 50s?

    They mentioned Haiti, then Africa.

    Two unknown blood samples were found in Africa with the disease.

    Finally, they looked for when it jumped from non-human animal to human. The time was in or around 1908.
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    Nov 30, 2015 2:39 PM GMT

    Radio Lab on NPR. These guys put together really interesting stories.
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    Dec 01, 2015 2:00 AM GMT
    Very fascinating story. I tried embedding the player but it wouldn't work, so here's a clickable link:
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    Dec 01, 2015 7:03 PM GMT
    I also listened to the story and intended to post the link but got distracted; glad someone else followed through.

    Interestingly, the show ended up applying the "patient zero" principle to the origin of the "high five." The story of its origin of happening at a game at Murray State turned out to be a college prank hoax, which was never expected by its perpetrators to be being believed. It was then traced to the first gay major league baseball player, now the generally accepted and verifiable story. However, there is an alternative claim by a bunch of women volleyball players but which is not as compelling a tale. The narrator had a philosophical concluding comment!
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    Dec 04, 2015 4:06 AM GMT
    I fucking love radiolab. MPR here in MN plays it every Saturday and I rarely miss it. I could listen to Jab Abumrad and Robert Krulwich talk back and forth about cool things forever.