• DancerJock

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    Dec 04, 2015 4:17 AM GMT
    After gathering some advice from good guys on this site, and based on what I've learned from following the Scrawny to Brawny routine for the past several years, I'm going to simplify my routine a little more and try Andy Morgan's approach from

    * lift 3x a week: bench, squat, dead lift. 5x5, and increase weight when I get through all 25 reps
    * eat to cover calorie requirements for gaining mass, with a good macro split
    * rest and sleep
    * track progress weekly (strength, weight, body measurements) and look at trends monthly, with photos

    This is pretty similar to what I've been doing for years, so I expect I'll have good results. Seems like the hardest part for me is putting myself to bed on time instead of reading for fun, having out with friends, or screwing around on-line. Anyone have any advice for getting more sleep?
  • training_guy

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    Dec 04, 2015 3:31 PM GMT
    Going to bed earlier?
    Also don't stick to the 5x5 routine, your body will soon adapt, vary rep range and set range every workout. Sometimes train more volume other times do more strength. As Arnie said, quite rightly, its about constantly surprising your body....
    Happy to help!
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    Dec 05, 2015 12:57 AM GMT
    You HAVE to get adequate sleep in order to adequately train. Turn off your screens about an hour before bedtime. There is a supplement called ZMA that is non addictive that enhances sleep and muscle recovery.
  • DancerJock

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    Feb 19, 2016 5:39 AM GMT
    Thx dudes, it's still a challenge for me, getting to bed on time. Now for nights where I'm alone, I'm trying to shoot a good load to make me sleepy at bedtime