The Story Behind America's Youngest Gay Dad

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    Dec 12, 2015 6:33 PM GMT
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    Dec 13, 2015 2:58 AM GMT
    Call me crazy but I see some 'Bieber' family going on here. Having kids this young (Biebers dad was 19) is nothing new at least for a small portion of young people today.

    When this kid turns 21, gay dad will be in his prime years (39) and probably, by the looks of him now, will be a very "hot daddy". They can go out clubbing together icon_razz.gif


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    Dec 13, 2015 3:48 AM GMT
    ELNathB saidWhen this kid turns 21, gay dad will be in his prime years (39) and probably, by the looks of him now, will be a very "hot daddy". They can go out clubbing together icon_razz.gif

    Ew? And "prime years"? Oh the RJ reality...
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    Dec 13, 2015 10:24 PM GMT
    Story? Sounds like half the hillbilly families I know. Utterly unremarkable around here. You have to be, like, your own uncle or something before it gets interesting.
  • carew28

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    Dec 14, 2015 9:24 PM GMT
    Brian is in for a difficult time, and he deserves all our sympathy. He's a nice-looking young guy, with a cute smile. But at the young age of 20, he's pretty much ruined his life, and he doesn't even realize it. This is a cautionary tale, and all young guys, gay or straight, should take heed. A few moment's pleasure, and a lifetime of penance. When his peers are out at the bars having fun, Brian will be home babysitting. They'll be enjoying college life and getting their degrees & planning out challenging & lucrative careers, while he's struggling to make it through community college. He'll be lucky if he makes it through in 6 or 7 years. In the meantime, he can freeze his butt off working for his Dad's landscaping company.

    Kelly seems like a nice girl right now, but just wait a few years, when she'll likely be coming after him for as much child-support as she can get, and getting a court-order to have his pay garnished. Brian will probably end up baby-sitting not only for his own kid, but for the play-dates with the half-siblings as well, while Kelly and her current husband or boyfriend are out on the town living it up. Brian will probably have to take a second night-shift job at a 24 hour McDonald's to pay for his kid's orthodontics.

    While Brian's friends are at the gym, listening to music and staying buff & fit, Brian will be doing time at the playground, dealing with bloody noses and pulling out splinters, and listening to bawling & screeching. Then, when his gay peers are off vacationing in Provincetown and Fire Island, or maybe travelling in Europe, Brian can spend his vacation at Disney World, if he can even afford it. If he can't there's always the exciting neighborhood park, with all it's pleasures to be investigated.

    Brian might be fortunate enough to actually find some gay guy around his own age who's intrigued by the fatherhood thing, and expresses some interest. But as soon as the novelty wears off, and the reality of the situation dawns on any potential boyfriend, they'll be gone so fast that it'll leave Brian's head spinning.

    Then wait till his kid goes to high-school. Depending upon the kid's talents & proclivities, Brian will be able to freeze his butt off sitting in the bleachers watching Friday night football games, or maybe expand his cultural horizons sitting through excruciating high-school renditions of "Our Town" and "The Crucible". All day Saturday will be spent in the hospital emergency-room while his kid gets his broken-arm set after falling off his skateboard. If Brian's really lucky, he can spend a couple of hours each week listening to some god-awful high-school band playing guitars & drums in the garage, and he'll have to pretend to appreciate it. He'll have to talk the police out of fining him for noise pollution and creating a nuisance. And he'd be well advised to keep a supply of ibuprofen on hand. And he shouldn't forget the car he'll need to give his kid for graduation. (That's if the kid actually graduates).

    If Brian's managed to save any money, he can kiss it goodbye as soon as his kid is old enough to go to college. If Brian thinks he'll get a break when the kid leaves home, he hasn't really thought things through. He can count on his kid needing to borrow money, needing rides, needing help finding a job, needing a place to crash, and maybe needing to be bailed out of jail.

    Hopefully, the kid will be out on his own by the time Brian turns 45, and then Brian, prematurely wrinkled, overweight, bald, and arthritic,probably cataracts too, living in some run-down one-bedroom public housing-authority apartment, can head to the bars to find out what he's missed out on all these years. Wonder how far he'll get there. Oh, well......there's always grandchildren to look forward to.