That "hateful racist" Donald Trump? Nope!

Art_Deco said
ewe_nik saidWOW!! I cannot believe this! You would deny people the right to peaceably assemble because you don't like their ideas?

And your assertion that most Muslims believe in "violent imposition of Islamic law" is based on what??

Don't get too agitated. There are plenty of US precedents that the Courts have approved.

German Bunds were banned in the US who supported Nazi Germany. Also, the KKK is banned in most respects, because of their history of Black lynchings and cross burnings, among many other racist outrages.

You can oppose the political viewpoints of other people in the US, who have freedom of speech to a point. But you cannot have as your core beliefs that you will kill your opponents, nor enslave them.

Freedom means EVERYONE gets to be free. But those who would deny the freedom of others forfeit their own freedom. If that were not the case, we could have no prisons. For if freedom is absolute, how can ANYONE be imprisoned for attempting to harm others?

No, if you violate the right of others to their freedom, your own freedom is forfeit. And the denial of freedom to American citizens is what Islam requires. That religion does not recognize nor allow the democratic principles of the US.

Therefore, I see no contradiction is denying Muslims citizenship in the US, since they deny the basic tenets of individual freedom that our Constitution guarantees. Why should we allow citizenship & residency to people who wish the overthrow of our Constitution?

To me this is quite logical.