The Key To The GOP Race: The Diploma Divide

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    Dec 22, 2015 12:19 AM GMT
    The latest polls of the Republican presidential primary show a party badly divided by education: Donald Trump’s strong showings are entirely attributable to huge leads among voters without a college degree...

    ...white voters without college degrees — a core GOP group and the one most backing Trump — historically are much less likely to actually turn out and vote....


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    Dec 22, 2015 6:45 AM GMT

    Wow, fascinating. This is an interesting switch up. Normally, democrats have been the ones divided over education. Liberal support from unions, most union workers have a high school education or less in some instances. Regardless of race, "Blue collar" historically gravitates towards democrats and liberalism while "white collar" was the more traditional 'educated class' of tech workers that included management.

    These same Trump, republican, non degree holders, are probably the same people who are against Common Core standardization? Other than the traditional, social conservative "Reagan Democrats", I am a bit confused as to why this diploma divide is an issue on the republican-conservative side and not an issue on the democrat-liberal side. It is because the democrat-liberal president is pushing Common Core education standards and these non-degree holder supporters of Trump are resentful?

    I don't understand this divide within their party. The democrats are becoming the 'party of higher education' while the republicans are split about it, half of their base is non-degreed, but so are the democrats, half of their base are non-degreed also. Its no secret that the republican party hates the current Common Core standardization program. Just which half of the party though? icon_confused.gif

    "As the contest heats up, the diploma divide is once again the best lens through which to view the GOP primary electorate. So far, non-degree-holders are far more united than degree-holders, and they continue to back Trump heavily. But the script could easily flip by February, when degree-holders may sense an urgency to coalesce behind someone other than Trump or Cruz. An extended Trump vs. Cruz fight would be Rubio’s dream come true"

    "In the end, the candidate who consolidates either side of the divide the fastest and most thoroughly once the polls open will likely emerge with the nomination"
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    Dec 22, 2015 5:08 PM GMT
    My intuitive sense of it and from some conversations I've had with Republican-leaning (but would never vote them based on social issues) liberals is that with regard to education as you so question, on the Democrat side, I'd imagine it's more a matter of money than of acknowledgment of truths which keeps them voting Democrat.

    Fortunately, overriding their sometimes perverted sense of fiscal responsibility because the smarter -- not just IQ but also EQ (emotional quotient) -- a person is, the more they might recognize that life simply is not fair and that many do require help given this structure of economy so that this economy does not in itself falter, having failed the needs of its own population.

    Where as educational attainment as it regards Republicans opens their eyes to truths that can not be denied regardless of income.

    The other problem with income being that as people get more of it, they tend to separate from the rest of society and wind up with less empathy for those who have less of it. For the illusion of temporary pleasure, for greed, they sacrifice their own humanity.