I spent the entire 80's decade in the closet due to the push of conservatism. The formable years, high school, hitting puberty, legal drinking age 21, Hiv-Aids outbreak, and what should have been college (I came out, late, during college by 25)

So part of this, was my straight life, in the Midwest. I do recall water bong and I did have a high power, Marantz receiver shown in this film trailer.

Its fun to look back, but I really don't miss this time period as now I feel the 80's wasted much of my early life, maybe it would have been much different if we had internet.

Its funny the title of this film, 'Everybody Wants Some' was from the Van Halen 1980 title album, Women And Children First. Its also interesting that this time frame was my personal transition from the Disco era, that I was forced to stop listening to and into this type rock music.

My first rock song single I ever bought, on a 45 record, was from the same Van Halen album, but the song was 'And The Cradle Will Rock'. I spent the entire 80's decade hiding the fact I liked Disco music, while buying and listening and going to rock music concerts of the 70's and 80's bands. When I finally came out in 90, techno music was upon us and I immediately followed. By that time, the new grunge sound had replaced most of the 70's-80's rock.