A Look Back at 2016

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    Jan 03, 2016 11:39 PM GMT

    Here we are, already into the third whole day of the new year so while we can still count on our fingers and toes, I thought it was about time that we reviewed all the unprovoked attacks by southbitch on various RJ posters who were just minding their own business when scumbeach popped out from under his slimy rock to attack them.

    Now, I'm one of the guys he attacked, but, rest assured, that even with that, I remain entirely objective and simply copy/pasted his words verbatim for your review.

    Here then shows how scrubbitch1500 has so far treated us like shit on RJ in 2016, a review (I've hyperlinked all the pages for your easy reference) :


    southbeach1500 said

    Uh oh.

    southbeach1500 saidHere we go again.

    southbeach1500 saidIt really might be time...

    southbeach1500 said... for Kolonel KooKoo to see a psychiatrist.


    southbeach1500 said

    Note to RJ Members: Art_Deco has a partner, not a husband. He and his partner have not entered into a same sex marriage. Art_Deco is using the term "husband" to increase his "gay credibility" on this site, even though he is lying.


    southbeach1500 said
    woodsmen said


    southbeach1500 saidAutomated headline and link copy and paste, anti-police, but lives in a secured and gated community Metta unit:


    southbeach1500 saidFor example, there is one person who appears to have taken over an old profile name that was used here in the past - "theantijock" - and he is constantly posting while keeping the account in "hidden / deleted" mode. bla fucking bla


    southbeach1500 said
    rnch said

    Perhaps we should be more concerned by the voluminous contents of President Dubya Bush's deleted emails.

    Now go back to criticizing people's belly buttons. You're much better suited to that.

    Other than that, he seems quite the charming character.

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    Jan 03, 2016 11:58 PM GMT
    Already? In this part of the world we have just entered 2016.