I've been seeing a guy for the last few weeks, it's going really well and we seem to be really into each other. Only problem is that when we're getting with each other I'm struggling to get an erection, instead I get a weird throbbing in my penis.

We haven't done anything apart from kiss, even though we've slept in the same bed together. I really like this guy and find him incredibly attractive but why can't I get an erection when we're kissing? Is this normal? Do you guys normally need further stimulation such as oral or touching to get hard or does getting off usually do it for you?

I should also mention haven't been with a guy for 6 months and am now worried that during that time I became reliant on porn to get me off and now when I try it in real life it doesn't arouse me anymore.

This is really annoying because I'm really into this guy but I'm scared to move things to the next level for fear of not getting an erection and I'm worried things might end soon if this keeps happening.

Has anyone had any experience with this? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!