Republican Act of Deception: The Trump Attack

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    Jan 07, 2016 4:19 PM GMT
    Ted Cruz tried to make a joke Tuesday out of Republican presidential rival Donald Trump raising questions about whether the Texas senator's birth in Canada could be a liability if he becomes the GOP's nominee...

    ...Cruz, in response to questions about Trump's comments, said the best way to respond was to laugh it off and "move on to the issues that matter." He first reacted on Twitter, posting a link to a video from the 1970s television show "Happy Days" showing the character Fonzie water skiing over a shark. The moment, known as "jumping the shark," has come to refer to the use of a gimmick to halt the decline of a television show or other effort.

  • HottJoe

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    Jan 07, 2016 5:27 PM GMT
    Cruz can cynically laugh it off, but after the whole birther movement during Obama's presidency, he's gotta be sweating bullets. It would be very easy to persuade the vast majority of US voters that he is ineligible to become president, because his birth certificate shows that he is Canadian.