How To Top Like a Stud

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    Jan 07, 2016 6:44 PM GMT
    Not recommending any of the items advertised at this site, but a lot of guys new to getting fucked would have a lot more pleasure if their partners followed these tips:
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    Jan 07, 2016 7:20 PM GMT
    Yup. I am going to make it into a tick off list, print it, xerox it, and run it as a mandatory protocol.icon_eek.gif

    Jus' kiddin'icon_biggrin.gif

    The truth is that every guy is a story for himself. Hence, sadly, universal protocols won't universally work, despite good technical points that they raise.

    Sex happens to be a complex form of mostly non-verbal communication. You can learn to communicate with your partner through experience, patience, and good observation.

    First off, not every bottom dude out there is a newbie, who is afraid of taking a sizeable piece of manmeat. Treating him as someone who is afraid, does not know how to relax, and may need a very long foreplay to get rid of the fears that he does not have may be romantic, and will likely get you a 'fuck me already' reaction, too.

    Second off, relatively few bottom guys would want to see themselves as passive objects of your skillful sex techniques. They may agree to bottom for you but they do not wish to forfeit their active say in how the play is being played. Frottage may be fine for some bottoms, but assuming that every bottom wants to go through that phase is what 'ass+u+me' is usually all about. To some bottoms, finger play is fine for as long as it is functional. If you overdo the good thing, they'll remind you of the fact that they have fingers, too, and know how to use them, too. They did not hook up with you to admire your finger play abilities.

    Third off, the very notion that the top's only role is to pleasure his bottom is a Victorian heterosexual concept. Few bottom guys these days want to see themselves as passive females being pleasured by an all-knowing sex expert.

    Last but not least, a good top has his idea of what good sex with this particular bottom guy is. A good bottom dude has his favorite scenario with his particular, top, too. So, both of them negotiate their way to the reciprocal satisfaction as much as they can. This is what makes the experience unique, memorable, and worth doing.