Priest Sex Abuse Is All About Homosexuality Not Pedophilia

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    Jan 08, 2016 2:04 AM GMT
    One of the biggest lies of the sex abuse scandal is that "pedophile priests" were the culprits
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    Jan 11, 2016 4:02 AM GMT
    It's amazing that after all this time, supporters of Catholicism still don't get the problem. This is not mainly about priests that molested boys or girls. This scandal is about the way the Church allowed these priests to continue molesting and raping even well after complaints had been received.

    It doesn't really matter if these priests primarily engaged in one or the other kind of damaging and illegal activity. It's about the hierarchy knowingly sending those priests to other parishes where they were allowed to continue their evil ways.

    Incidentally, I recall from the old days that the vast majority of children to which the priests would have had access were boys. If 80% of the victims are boys and 80% of the children available to priests were to also be boys, the argument in the article doesn't work.
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    Jan 11, 2016 11:33 PM GMT
    While true their big problem was not admitting--or, God forbid, fixing--a problem, that wouldn't matter much to the web site quoted which would use anything against gay men, including trying to confuse pedophilia for being gay, a disgusting tactic made famous by pie face Anita. By that then the bigger shame is when RJ members might associate age disparity with pedophilia and gay bash with abandon. It's disgusting.

    To your point on the numbers, my limited understanding of the topic is that pedophilia is not about orientation, that it's pretty much gender neutral. So then, yeah, the numbers would be a matter of unfortunate convenience.

    It's nothing but a propaganda piece, of course. But from the realm of homophobia it feeds into and interweaves with the gay ageists so that they reinforce each other's horseshit.

    horseshit article: "...The homosexual subculture has always involved sexual attraction to youths, and is a well-accepted part of the gay lifestyle. (The term "twink" denotes an adolescent sex partner, a common occurrence among active homosexuals..."

    horseshit RJ poster: "...revealed a lurid side of him, in which he discussed venues that are more NAMBLA than LGBT..."

    Difference? None.