11 Worst Countries For Black People to Travel: #11 The USA #10 The UK #2 Jordan #1 India

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    Jan 13, 2016 4:45 PM GMT

    Being dark skinned in each of the 11 worst countries for black people to travel is surely going to affect your experience in a way you would think was left somewhere two centuries ago. However, these places still exist....

    11. USA
    Yes, the land of the free is still not quite as free in their mindset as expected. Generally racism is on the decline in the USA but there are certain places in the country, especially in the south, where even a tourist could find trouble with the locals.

    10. United Kingdom
    The UK has a large number of immigrants of all races swarming in at any point, looking for a better life. London has quite a substantial population of black people, yet there are places even in London itself where dark skinned people are not welcome.

    9. Indonesia
    Indonesian people are thought to be among some of the most racist worldwide...

    8. Japan
    Japan is a prime example of a well-developed country which, however, does not excel in widely accepting black people...

    7. Australia
    Australians have been known to be quite unethical about black people...

    6. Turkey
    Turkey is known to be one of the more averagely racist...

    5. South Korea
    The people of South Korea are also known to be especially racist...

    4. Germany
    Germany may have long left behind the doctrines of Nazism and made all the effort to ban and outlaw them but a considerable portion of its people still hasn’t. Beware of the widespread skinhead movement there if you have darker skin.

    3. Russia
    Russia is one of the most sexist, homophobic and racist countries in the world...

    2. Jordan
    Jordan takes the second place by being close to carrying the name of the most racist country in the world...

    1. India
    India takes the first spot on the list of the 11 worst countries for black people to travel with their horrible attitude towards black people. Indians are taught to worship the white tourists and offer them their best, while black tourists can get a scoff at best.

  • Fireworkz

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    Jan 14, 2016 7:44 PM GMT
    This crap is on par with the writing on Elite daily. Where did the intelligent journalists go?

    My answers:

    Germany: I spent a week in Berlin and a week in Munich last year they have all sorts of tourists. I stayed in the mountains which is pretty white. They were not used to black people but were certainly not racist. I've traveled to Germany often and worked for German companies for several years. I have German friends. I don't find Germans racist at all.

    And as a black gay man I seem to be more popular there on Grindr than in the UK.

    The UK is actually a very tolerant society. More tolerant than parts of the US. Black people can go pretty much anywhere.

    USA - really? I've always had a good time there and never felt that I couldn't travel anywhere. Although I haven't been to the South apart from New Orleans.

    Russia is probably the only country where you'd experience violence but I'm sure if you have money and stay in good areas you'll be fine.

    Australia: There may be small pockets of racism but I doubt it's anything signficant.

    I'm sure as a tourist black people would have no trouble with any country on this list. When you have money you are treated differently.