Warns that gay-friendly legislation will result in increase of abuse

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. ( - A Florida man is claiming child abuse is an effect of the homosexual lifestyle after confessing he had molested children while living as a gay man.

During a public forum in front of the Jacksonville city council discussing proposed LGBT anti-discrimination legislation, a man who identified himself as Roy Bay took the podium, admitting to having sexually assaulted a number of children while embracing the homosexual lifestyle, adding that he had never been caught for the crimes.

"I lived most of my life sexually assaulting kids and never went to jail," Bay disclosed. "Because why? Kids believed me that this was all right son; this is not a problem. This happens in the homosexual lifestyle, over and over."

Some lowlife horseshit RJ poster said on some other thread: "...revealed a lurid side of him, in which he discussed venues that are more NAMBLA than LGBT..."