...Trump has never supported same-sex marriage.

Trump has consistently said he supports marriage "between a man and a woman" whenever asked over the years, including by The Advocate in 2000. Even in the Meet the Press interview from 1999 that Cruz is using to make his attack about New York values, Trump never endorses marriage equality, instead saying it's "too premature for me to comment on."...

...he's never outright endorsed same-sex marriage. He has historically supported benefits for domestic partnerships, and he's withdrawn support for civil unions.

And yes, Trump did say he was "evolving" on LGBT rights and marriage equality in 2013, after the Miss Universe pageant caused a media firestorm when it chose Russia as its host country. At the time, the country had just passed its ban on so-called gay propaganda, leading Trump to conclude that "the United States is ahead of Russia when it comes to this stuff."

But the evolution stopped there.