"ROOSH!" Goes the Sound Over His Head: Homophobe Chauvinist wanted a "Straight" Bro Conclave (UPDATE: Momma's Basement Boy's Plans Gone Awry!)

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    Feb 02, 2016 9:26 PM GMT

    "Nev! We've found your long-lost twin!" icon_wink.gif
    Roosh is quite the Catfish. Just not much of a Catch for anybody.


    QueertyMeet Daryush ‘Roosh’ Valizadeh, a sex-crazed, gay-hating, woman-hating “male supremacist” and founder of Return of Kings, an extremist group dedicated to preserving the status of “heterosexual, masculine men” in society.

    According to the group’s website, Return of Kings “aims to usher the return of the masculine man in a world where masculinity is being increasingly punished and shamed in favor of creating an androgynous and politically-correct society that allows women to assert superiority and control over men.” It also seeks to create a “safe space” for macho, macho men to join forces.

    36-year-old Valizadeh is currently organizing an “international meetup” of like-minded bros to come together, ( icon_razz.gif )pound their chests, and reaffirm their heterosexuality. Think of it sort of like a KKK rally. Only instead of attacking black people, these dudes will talk about bashing gay people and raping women… before going back to their hotel rooms and sucking off each other.

    “We will have 165 meetings in 43 countries for our international meetup day on February 6, 2016 at 8PM local time,” Valizadeh instructs on his blog. “Hosts have been instructed to wait at the meeting point from 8:00-8:20pm before moving on to the final location. If you arrive at the meeting point at 8:21pm, you will miss the meetup. Arriving on time within the window is absolutely paramount.

    Because nothing says "masculine" like timeliness!


    QueertyThe instructions continue: “To identify your fellow tribesmen, ask the following question to a man you suspect is there for the meet-up: ‘Do you know where I can find a pet shop?’ If you ask someone for the pet shop and they appear confused or actually try to direct you to a real pet shop, they’re not there for the meetup.”

    In the past, Valizadeh has said “rape should be legal on private property.” In one of his self-published books, he proudly admitted to raping a woman while she was drunk. “It took four hours of foreplay and at least 30 repetitions of ‘No, Roosh, no’ until she allowed my penis to enter her vagina,” he wrote. “No means no, until it means yes.”

    mmm hmmm. What a charmer. Anything else, Rooshie?


    QueertyHe also claimed that “the legalization of gay marriage is a full frontal ( icon_razz.gif ) attack on heterosexual men” and that “young boys” are being “enthusiastically taught the superiority of homosexual lifestyles and the shameful privilege of heterosexuals, especially concerning the types of relationships that lead to nuclear, stable families,” (like rape on your property icon_question.gif ) adding that pretty soon “straight men will be forced under the barrel of the state’s gun to pay taxes for the AIDS drugs of gays, their impulsive sex changes, their mental and medical treatments resulting from sleeping with hundreds of partners, and also the salaries of politicians that continue to vote against traditional family values and basic morality standards.”

    “Our views are becoming known enough that we can ‘come out’ of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation,” Valizadeh wrote in his recent blog post. “Let the sixth of February be a clear signal to all that we’re not going anywhere.”

    “We have finally arrived!”

    I hereby declare February 6 as BYE FELICIA FEBRUARY! icon_lol.gif
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    Feb 04, 2016 4:36 AM GMT
    The day he should get raped, his views will change. He sure has some issues.
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    Feb 04, 2016 12:27 PM GMT
    Before I was bi and only dated women I followed a lot of roosh's stuff and it worked. Outside of his whole 'white straight males are victims' and anti gay marriage views there's still a lot I agree with. Ofcourse that's not the PC thing to say though.
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    Feb 04, 2016 11:29 PM GMT
    ^OMG, Rooshie actually has MORE Opinions worth listening to? Who's he picking to win the Super Bowl? icon_lol.gif

    Anyway... Hey! Look Up, Rooshie! It's The Jig!


    The Guardian UKNearly 80,000 people signed an online petition calling for Roosh V’s group, dubbed Return of Kings, to be banned from the UK after they advocated women being banned from voting, described a woman’s value as dependent on her “fertility and beauty”, and that women with eating disorders make the best girlfriends.

    Sarah Champion MP, British Home Office Minister (via The Guardian UK)“As far as I’m concerned Return of Kings are encouraging violence against women and girls. This should be viewed as a hate crime and the government and police should use our existing laws to deal with it swiftly to show we won’t accept anyone promoting abuse.”

    Now that his little scabs are getting unpeeled around the globe, it's time to play America's Favorite Socially Incorrect game:

    "I'M!" "THE!" "REAL!" "VICTIM!!!" ((applause))

    Roosh (via the Guardian UK)​“If I get killed right now by an idiot, the media wouldn’t care. They love their power. Tomorrow they would find a new Roosh to martyr.”

    He then called for “feminine women who are disgusted with media lying” to follow the hashtag #femininewomenforRoosh. It attracted 17 tweets in five hours, most from men or women mocking Valizadeh.

    So, Rooshie, if a woman gets raped right now by an idiot, should the big, bad media care? Or is it the "property" thing, again?

    Ok, all you manly-ish men! Time to Win One for The Gipper! Break out your fake-woman accounts out get to hash-tagging for dear ol' Rooshie Boy! icon_wink.gif

    The ROK-out-with-your-cock-out gang is scrambling online to come up with all-new speakeasies and double-secret language to get these circle jerks -- I'm sorry -- "meetings" rolling. While the above Guardian article notes the Bro-ventions were "cancelled," Roosh is actually just changing the draperies and table cloths.

    I've learned to appreciate that people who detest and blame "Teh Media!" for every single self-perceived shortcoming in their lives are at their core just mad that they're not "Teh Media!" themselves. We can't ALL be Rupert and Oprah, Roosh! Sorry. I'd hand you a tissue... were it the manly-ish thing to do.

    Guardian UKDaryush Valizadeh, who goes by the name Roosh V, posted a brief statement on Thursday apologising to his “supporters” whom he said were “let down by my decision”, but said he “could not stop men meeting in private groups”.

    Mmmmm, irony! Love the aroma.
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    Feb 04, 2016 11:52 PM GMT

    GANGSTA! icon_razz.gif


    ViceMen's rights activism bears all the hallmarks of a typical conspiracy theory. The projection of subliminally-perceived personal failings onto an othered social group; the conviction that this group has infiltrated the upper echelons of society to promote its own agenda; the belief that members of the movement have "taken the red pill" and perceived a reality that normal members of society cannot see.

    And as with many cultish conspiracy theories, those who promulgate the MRA gospel can profit massively from the devotion of their followers. Virulent misogynist he may be, but pick-up artist Daryush "Roosh V" Valizadeh – who said rape should be legal "if done on private property" – is primarily in it for the money.

    On Monday, news broke that Roosh was organising a global series of meet-ups for his "fellow tribesmen". Newspapers, politicians and activists in over 40 countries discovered that hordes of MRAs would be congregating at 165 locations worldwide for an "International Meet-Up Day". Press coverage was wall-to-wall and apoplectic, as Roosh intended all along – because his aim is not to unite young men against the oppressive forces of female empowerment, but to profit from the desire of young white men to feel oppressed.

    Pharma Bro sends a fist-bump across the Internets, Rooshie!

    ViceWhen contacted for comment, Roosh said: "You're an idiot. I'm not making any money off this." But if this weekend's meet-ups were truly intended to be clandestine, Roosh would not have posted their locations and passwords on a public webpage. Rather, he constructed a honey trap for the media, with his fervent supporters as bait. Then he sat back and watched the coverage pour in, sweeping visitors towards his online store. As this week's story exploded, he shared metrics flaunting the explosion in views to his website, comparing his search-engine ranking to arch-controversialist Milo Yiannopoulos while bragging about his own "infamy".


    Vice...Roosh repeatedly presents feminism as a "war" against men. "[Men's existence] is mere purgatory until a newly devised outrage sends them to hell," he writes. "Those who don't pick up arms... will suffer most." His pseudo-militaristic rhetoric is calculated to appeal to angry young men, desperate to feel a sense of inclusion and importance.

    Pick-up artists generate profit along broadly similar lines to the Western military-industrial complex. First, take a disenfranchised, embittered man, frustrated by the lack of opportunities for financial/sexual advancement in civilian/beta society.

    Second, convince him that he can give his life meaning by uniting with other men to assert his dominance over inferior bodies. (Degenerate brown bodies in one instance; biologically inferior female bodies in the other). Tell him that this war is just, and his part in it significant.

    Finally, sell him an AK-47 or a self-published e-book called Day Bang: How to Casually Pick Up Girls During the Day, and reap the spoils of war.

    Dolla Dolla Bill, Y'all! icon_cool.gif
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    Feb 05, 2016 5:41 PM GMT
    K.o.M.-edy! icon_lol.gif



    Daily Mail OnlineThis is the man at the center of a worldwide storm after advocating legalizing rape on private property - in a sweat-stained T-shirt at the door of his mother's house.

    Daryush 'Roosh' Valizadeh, 36, the self-proclaimed 'King of Masculinity' called police after receiving death threats from around the world and canceled a series of 'tribal meetings' in 45 countries set for this weekend...

    "MOM! WHEN'S BREAKFAST?" icon_razz.gif

    Daily Mail OnlineIn a highly-criticized blog he said that if a woman was raped on private property, it should be legal.

    Today he told police that it was meant to be a satirical article and that he had written it in early 2015 and had since put a disclaimer on the piece saying it was satire.

    But asked when he had added the disclaimer he admitted it had been placed only 'yesterday'.

    It's pretty cool how quickly noxious statements, brought to the light of day, become, "It was just satire!" "I was just playing!" "Can't you all take a joke?" Har-dee-har-har!

    Daily Mail OnlineThe internet geek, who has written a series of books teaching what he claims is the best way for men to use their testosterone to bed women, likes to portray himself as an global businessman.

    But as the international storm grew around him today, Daily Mail Online found him in hiding at the cul-de-sac where he ekes out his vile views on his laptop - and sells ads on his website, which cost $150 a day.

    Today, dressed in a stained T-shirt and shorts and living in the basement of his mother's home, he was concerned for his safety.

    Concerned for your safety? You mean like a female online with virtually any opinion at all? icon_question.gif

    Daily Mail OnlineHe said he had received death threats from around the world. He played officers voicemails left on his phone and showed them emails.

    Some were from Britain, Australia and the US and warned him he would be 'shot, stabbed or have his home burned down.'

    One said: 'We will kill you if you come to our city' and others were filled with vitriol, he told officers.

    After dialing 911, two officers visited him and he greeted them in his work attire. One female officer only entered his doorway and he had to bring his laptop to the stoop and front hall to show her how his views on rape had backfired.

    He said he had only been aiming to gain attention but had not budgeted for the worldwide anger against him and feared for his safety.

    In Momma's basement, desperate for attention, faking his profile and life story so he can dictate to other desperate folks how to live their lives. Subsistence from internet ads and gullible men.

    Color-by-numbers. Add some predictable dashes of misogyny and homophobia, to taste.
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    Feb 05, 2016 5:47 PM GMT
    dayumm said
    Concerned for your safety? You mean like a female online with virtually any opinion at all? icon_question.gif

    ...or like his mother, upstairs as his human shield when the bad men come to get him in her basement.