CVS launches rebranding of Target Pharmacy

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    Feb 05, 2016 1:43 AM GMT
    CVS launches rebranding of Target Pharmacy

    I just want to remind people that according to a previous study, there are cheaper options for people that need to get prescription drugs:

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    Feb 05, 2016 3:11 AM GMT
    I don't like this. I hate CVS for prescriptions, the company appears to be monopolizing icon_evil.gif

    When I had prescription drug coverage through last employer, the company switched to CVS Caremark. Even with employer coverage, all prescriptions, including generic at CVS, the price spiked as soon as the switch, especially on certain drugs such as ED

    When I lost prescription coverage, I went to Walgreens. But now, Walgreens, since merging with Rite-Aid, are no longer cheaper than CVS, their prices are about the same

    Target, Drug Emporium, Save On and Good Neighbor Pharmacy had about the same lower cost. But I have never filled a prescription at Walmart and was never a member of Sams or Costco

    Its rather odd, sometimes I will be in a certain CVS store, absolutely no one is in the aisles and everyone that is in the store, is in the pharmacy pick up or drop off line, which becomes a long line. Some people don't shop CVS but only get prescriptions filled and those pharmacists are working feverously behind the counter icon_confused.gif

    People actually shop at Target though, so having CVS pharmacy there could make a difference at those stores, if only for convenience sake, the CVS caremark high price wont be any different even if it were in Walmart stores