Ted Cruz embraces apocalyptic preachers and anti-gay militants

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    Feb 05, 2016 5:56 PM GMT



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    Feb 05, 2016 6:24 PM GMT
    i would be ok with Ted Cruz as the republican pick. Hay extra dirty job and someone has to do it.
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    Feb 05, 2016 6:39 PM GMT
    Over all, mainstream media appears to be ignoring the facts about all these republicans that are attracting or pandering the insane christian religion nut jobs

    While here at RJ, these type of posts are a regular thing, I am disappointed at mainstream media for not "emphasizing" the far rights hold on the GOP. Because the media is owned by a religious cult, therefore the (TV) media can hide whats really going on, behind the curtain.

    I am disappointed at CNN, (gay Anderson Cooper) for making these wanna bee US presidents seem "normal" in the eye of the camera, when these people are far from anything normal, behind the scenes. We here at RJ know about the right wing agenda, why is this not discussed in mainstream media? Would these nut jobs claim 'religious discrimination' if the real truth about them was talked about endlessly?

    Its like having Ted Cruz, Phil Robertson or Mike Huckabee a guest on the Ellen Show. Who would be in the wrong? NBC for booking the right wing panderers in the first place or Ellen herself hiding the fact they hate her but wont say it to her face.

    There is so much hypocrisy going on, to suppress the truth. Thank goodness for the (free information) internet, these nut jobs (much like China) would prefer to control the free information flow so that the truth about them continues to be suppressed. icon_twisted.gif


    MSNBC’s Bashir: Ted Cruz ‘the David Koresh of Republican Party’ October 16, 2013

    MSNBC host Martin Bashir likened Ted Cruz to the cult leader who died in 1993, along with 75 others, after the FBI laid siege to his compound in Waco, Texas. “Do you think Ted Cruz is a bit like the David Koresh of the Republican party?” Bashir asked on Wednesday. “He’s a bit like a character who believes himself to anointed, believes himself to be a prophet, ignores everything, and torches the place in the process.” Koresh considered himself himself the final prophet of the Branch Davidian religious sect. After the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives suspected the group of firearms violations and attempted to raid the ranch, Koresh led a 51-day siege that eventually led to his own death and took the lives of dozens of his coreligionists.

    Americans are really dumb if they want someone like these people to be leader of the free world icon_confused.gif


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    Feb 05, 2016 7:03 PM GMT
    pellaz saidi would be ok with Ted Cruz as the republican pick. Hay extra dirty job and someone has to do it.

    Just as long as the American voter is smacked up side the head before electing a religious cult leader. The 'free world' wont be free, it would be a forced theocracy and a torn down secular constitution

    In order to "wake America up", they must be informed, the media does a disservice by distracting the already uniformed, stupid people. If the American people are that stupid and that distracted and elect a cult leader, im telling you, there is going to be an asylum seeking American exodus for the boarder, and I will be one of them

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    Feb 05, 2016 7:31 PM GMT

    2016- This is going to be the make or break election for us LGBTQI's, our future here in america is riding heavily. I cant imagine going backwards and living to tell the stories afterwards. Their outward hatred for us is just permeating evil. They "win" when they turn the US into a theocracy. Yes, good versus evil, we are at war, who are the evil ones though?



    wicked, bad, wrong, immoral, sinful, foul, vile, dishonorable, corrupt, iniquitous, depraved, reprobate, villainous, nefarious, vicious, malicious; malevolent, sinister, demonic, devilish, diabolical, fiendish, dark; monstrous, shocking, despicable, atrocious, heinous, odious, contemptible, horrible, execrable; informallowdown, dirty, wickedness, bad, badness, wrongdoing, sin, ill, immorality, vice, iniquity, degeneracy, corruption, depravity, villainy, nefariousness, malevolence; devil; formalturpitude

    GOP Frontrunners Close Out Iowa with Fresh Attacks on LGBT People

    Whichever GOP candidate emerges as the winner of tonight’s Iowa caucuses, they spell danger for LGBT equality. In the final days of the race for Iowa, each of the GOP frontrunners -- Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio -- have launched fresh attacks on LGBT people in a last-ditch effort to score conservative cred and push them over the top.

    Yesterday, the thrice-married Donald Trump threatened marriage rights for LGBT couples, pledging to appoint justices who would reverse last June’s Supreme Court decision.

    Meanwhile, at a Sunday Cruz campaign rally, LGBT couples’ marriages were disparaged as “evil”-- a characterization that neither the Rubio or Trump campaigns refuted when given the opportunity on CNN.

    Rubio -- who has previously committed to appointing justices to overturn Obergefell -- rounds out the trio with his recent declaration in Waverly, Iowa in defense of Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, saying “I don’t agree it opened up discrimination” when describing Pence’s “right to discriminate” bill that was rejected by Hoosiers. Rubio went on to say businesses should be able to refuse service to LGBT people for religious reasons. Last weekend in Cedar Rapids, he also doubled downon a promise to repeal President Obama’s Executive Order protecting LGBT workers.

    “The branding on the outside might be slightly different, but these candidates are all campaigning on a promise to block and reverse gains toward LGBT equality,” said HRC Senior Vice President of Policy and Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof. “Cruz, Trump, Rubio and others have put on a desperate display attacking LGBT people in the race to the finish line. But they’ll soon wake up to the reality that they have put themselves against the overwhelming majority of Americans -- and Iowa voters -- who support full LGBT equality.”

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    Feb 05, 2016 7:44 PM GMT
    Also long embraced by Cruz before many of these characters... homocon billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel.


    Texas Tribune (back in July 2012)Tea Party-backed Senate candidate Ted Cruz points with pride to the army of small conservative donors supporting him. But his largest longtime contributor is a gay billionaire who supports same-sex marriage and marijuana legalization, campaign finance filings show.

    Peter Thiel, a German-born hedge fund manager and founder of the online payment system PayPal, gave Cruz $251,000 in 2009 for his aborted run for attorney general. The money represented 19 percent of the total raised for that campaign, which Cruz ended after Attorney General Greg Abbott decided to run for re-election.

    Thiel, an early Facebook investor who was portrayed by actor Wallace Langham in the movie The Social Network, has kept up the support since Cruz launched his U.S. Senate bid. He has given Cruz $5,000 combined for the Senate primary and for Cruz's July 31 runoff against Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, the maximum amount allowed. And Thiel was the largest single donor to the most generous outside group backing Cruz — the Club for Growth Action super PAC — in the most recent federal disclosure period, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

    Thiel gave the super PAC $1 million in May, filings show. Club for Growth has set a $5 million fundraising goal ahead of the Texas runoff. The Club for Growth declined to say if Thiel had earmarked the contributions to benefit Cruz, but called the donor a “great American” and a “defender of liberty.”


    Texas Monthly (March 2015, after Teddy announced his run at Liberty U.)One of the first things Cruz may have to do on the campaign trail is explain to his social conservative base why in 2009, while preparing to run for state attorney general, he took more than $250,000 in campaign funds from out-of-state investment bankers who supported legalizing gay marriage. Cruz in February introduced legislation to leave same-sex marriage up to the states, a clear move to cut off the U.S. Supreme Court before it rules on the issue.

    Cruz took the donations in 2009 when he was trying to out-position state Representative Dan Branch in an expected race to replace then-Attorney General Greg Abbott, who had been expected to run for governor. Abbott delayed his gubernatorial quest for four years when Rick Perry decided to seek re-election. Cruz out-paced Branch by raising more than $1 million in the first part of 2009.

    The gay rights donations were from two very conservative investment bankers, one in New York and one in San Francisco. While both men would be in full agreement with Cruz on many issues, they were worlds apart on same-sex marriage even in 2009. But that did not stop Cruz from taking their money – and it was their money that gave Cruz his fundraising advantage over Branch.

    One donor was Paul Elliott Singer of the hedge fund Elliott Management Corporation. Singer, whose son married his partner, donated $425,000 and raised another $500,000 to push for legalization of same-sex marriage in New York. In 2012, Singer donated $1 million to the American Unity PAC, with the purpose of supporting candidates who back gay marriage. Singer gave Cruz $25,000 in 2009.

    Oh, Teddy, you and your "New York Values!" icon_razz.gif

    Texas Monthly (March 2015)The other donor was Peter Thiel of San Francisco, a venture capitalist behind Facebook and PayPal. Thiel, who is openly gay, is more libertarian than Republican, having financially supported Ron Paul in the past. “I believe that gay rights and marriage rights for gay people should not be a partisan issue,” Thiel said at a 2010 fundraiser for the American Foundation for Equal Rights.”Gay marriage can’t be a partisan issue because as long there are partisan issues or cultural issues in this country, you’ll have trench warfare like on the western front in World War I. You’ll have lots of carnage and no progress.”

    In a 2009 essay published about a month before his $235,000 donation to Cruz, Thiel laid out his case for becoming a libertarian with the phrase: “I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible.” Thiel blamed “welfare beneficiaries” and the women’s vote as having “rendered the notion of ‘capitalist democracy’ into an oxymoron.” Since less than a month passed between Thiel’s essay and Cruz taking his money, it would be fair to ask Cruz whether freedom and democracy are incompatible.
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    Feb 05, 2016 9:24 PM GMT
    These assholes are losing and out of touch with where most Americans are. They are also out of touch with the majority of Christians. But none of this lessens how dangerous they are: a cornered animal is the most fierce - except animals don't fight back because of hate-filled and deluded ideology and fear of the new or different.

    But the Press needs to be reminded! Write to your local paper! Put replies in the comments section. it all helps.
  • rnch

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    Feb 05, 2016 9:34 PM GMT
    These groups ARE the backbone of today's GOP/TEA party.

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    Feb 05, 2016 10:05 PM GMT
    Cruz is nuttier than the outhouse at the county peanut festival.
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    Feb 06, 2016 12:03 AM GMT

    Sick and Tired of ‘God Bless America’

    Even more critical is the necessity of reclaiming the language of religious freedom from the far right. As defined by many pandering politicians, “religious freedom” is in danger of becoming code for accepting public money while imposing faith-based values on others.

    A posters comment:

    TR Saint Paul 1 hour ago
    The USA is currently choking on the christianist fundmentalism that has been rammed down our throats by the Elmer Gantrys (Falwell, Graham, etc) and their political collaborators (Cruz, Huckabee etc) for the last 35 years.

    It is interesting to note that Pope Francis, himself, recently identified fundamentalism as "an evil" that infects every religious tradition.

    Fundamentalism is born out of ignorance and bad theology. It is often embraced by the poorly educated and those of lower intelligence. But worst of all, it is used as a political weapon by manipulative, power-hungry politicians who clothe themselves as angels of light when, in fact, they are black-hearted devils. Ted Cruz, get behind me, Satan.