10 Words Transgender People Want You to Know (But Not Say)

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    Feb 07, 2016 2:01 AM GMT
    10 Words Transgender People Want You to Know (But Not Say)

  • Wendigo9

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    Feb 08, 2016 1:52 AM GMT
    I'm going to be the pin to pop this bubble; after reading the article, it's all facepalm stupidity for those wanting "special" attention.

    1) Using old/common words and taking offence, really? grow up.
    2) Like the Gay/Lesbian society really needs more letters added, unnecessarily.
    3) Cisgender. . . that's what normal people are being called now? Suppose it's better than Freak, or AMAB/AFAB, ugh.

    Also, seeing this is "REAL"jock, where you must be 100% male if you want to join, we really shouldn't care about these FAKE psycho drama cases. Trannies are nothing but victims of severe mental-altering abuse, where they are too afraid to accept what is real in this reality. There is nothing wrong with being #BornThisWay (same gender at the very start of your existance, that is).

    Look at yourself in a mirror naked, are you happy with what you have? What would you change without visiting a doctor? Think long and hard about all of this. . .