32 LGBT Mormons Aged 14-20 Have Committed Suicide in Wake of New Anti-Gay Policy, Group Says

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    Feb 07, 2016 3:48 AM GMT
    I thought at least Salt Lake City was getting better but this kind of news should be front page considering todays evil religious-political climate and those who wish to be "leader of the free world", with these people in charge, I am sure we will see more of these tragedy's in our community. We must prevent crazy religious sociopathic people from "leading America" icon_twisted.gif

    The ray of light though, religion and its extremists are dying off slowly icon_cool.gif


    Thirty-two young LGBT Mormons reportedly have taken their own lives since early November — when the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a new devastatingly anti-gay policy labeling people in same-sex marriages "apostates" and barring their children from being baptized.

    All of the victims were between the ages of 14 and 20, with an average age of 17. Twenty-seven were male, three were female and two were transgender, and all but six of the suicides occurred in Utah.

    Those figures are based on a report from Mama Dragons, a support group for the Mormon parents of LGBT children that we first told you about last May. Wendy Montgomery, co-founder of Mama Dragons, announced recently during a conference of Affirmation, another Mormon LGBT support group, that the families of the 32 victims had contacted her directly about the death of a child or sibling.
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    Feb 08, 2016 2:49 AM GMT
    At the site, I posted:

    Christianity is more than 50% Roman Emperor Worship; therefore, it is not worth your suicide.

    1) how can Jesus say not one letter of the law is changed but when he asks/instructs how he should be remembered, he goes against Leviticus 17:10; 2) how much of Julius Caesar, Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian—Roman Emperor worship is in Christian tradition? Indeed, after the Romans defeated a Jewish Revolt (then won the 2nd and 3rd Jewish Roman Wars), why would a Jewish messiah religion develop in Rome? Why would a Jewish Jesus become man and God, when that is a Roman theology to make Julius Caesar man and God, Octavian Augustus, man and God, son of God, no less, Vespasian, man and God, Titus, man and divine, Domitian, man and divine? It is Rome that has us ambiguously remembering Jesus in a way that causes the Jewish God to turn his face away and separate us from his people.

    Caesar’s mentor, Pompey, was beheaded.
    Jesus’ mentor, John the Baptist, was beheaded.

    = = =

    The forgiveness and mercy of Julius Caesar…
    Love your enemies – Jesus

    = = =

    Julius Caesar’s death was foretold and known by Julius.
    Jesus’ death was foretold and known by Jesus.

    = = =

    Julius Caesar, although he hesitated before going to his death, accepted–did not fight–his death.

    Jesus Christ, although there was agony, accepted–did not prevent–his death.

    = = =

    If Julius Caesar were to be assassinated, the commonwealth would have no peace, but was plunged in civil strife under much worse conditions – Suetonius

    If Jesus Christ were to be killed, Judea would have no peace, but did plunge into civil war before and during the Jewish Revolt.

    = = =

    Caesar at his last supper: “The best death is the sudden one.” – Suetonius p. 147
    Jesus at his last supper: “What you do, do it quickly.”

    = = =

    Julius Caesar was betrayed by Brutus.
    Jesus was betrayed by Judas.

    = = =

    Brutus urged Caesar to go into the theater of his death.
    Judas gave Jesus entrance into the theater of his death.

    = = =

    Julius Caesar was elevated to divine status after his violent death.
    Jesus was elevated to divine status after his violent death.

    = = =

    Julius Caesar’s effigy is a pierced man on a cross.
    Jesus’ effigy is a pierced man on a cross.

    = = =

    Julius Caesar was human and divine.
    Jesus Christ was human and divine.

    Julius Caesar was numbered among the gods, not only by a formal decree, but also in the conviction of the common people.

    Jesus was numbered II among the Trinity of God.
    = = =

    The Ascension of Julius Caesar
    The Ascension of Jesus

    Now for Christian tradition, not the gospels.

    On the day before the murder of Julius Caesar, his wife thought her husband was stabbed in her arms.

    The Pieta is a statue of a woman holding on her lap, a dead man who has been stabbed–she is too young to be his mother.

    = = =

    Longinus stabbed Julius Caesar.
    St. Longinus stabbed Jesus Christ.

    = = =

    I am the author of The Greatest Bible Study in Historical Accuracy by Steefen. On youtube, search WBFbySteefen, see the longest uploaded video first or See: https://youtu.be/9t1dSvEfYwQ
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    Feb 13, 2016 8:42 PM GMT
    Love Your Enemies Because Julius Caesar Did and Jesus Christ Reiterated This

    Julius Caesar certainly showed admirable self-restraint and mercy, both in his conduct of the civil war and in the hour of victory.

    While Pompeius announced that he would treat as enemies those who did not take up arms for the government, Caesar gave out that those who were neutral and of neither party should be numbered with his friends.

    He freely allowed all those whom he had made centurions on Pompeius’ recommendation to go over to his rival.

    When conditions of surrender were under discussion at Ilerda [Lerid], and friendly intercourse between the two parties was constant, Afranius and Petreius, with a sudden change of purpose, put to death all of Caesar’s soldiers whom they found in their camp; but Caesar could not bring himself to retaliate in kind.

    At the Battle of Pharsalus he cried out, Spare your fellow citizens, and afterwards allowed each of his men to save any one man he pleased of the opposite party.

    And it will be found that no Pompeian lost his life except in battle, save only Afranius and Faustus, and the young Lucius Caesar; and it is believed that not even these men were slain by his wish, even though the two former had taken up arms again after being pardoned, while Caesar had not only cruelly put to death the dictator‘s slaves and freedmen with fire and sword, but had even butchered the wild beasts which he had procured for the entertainment of the people.

    At last, in his later years, he went so far as to allow all those whom he had not yet pardoned to return to Italy, and to hold magistracies and the command of armies:

    and he actually set up the statue of Lucius Sulla and the statue of Pompey, which had been broken to pieces by the populace.

    After this, if any dangerous plots were formed against him, or slanders uttered, he preferred to quash rather than to punish them.

    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake.
    Matthew 5: 11

    and he thought it enough to give public warning to those who spoke ill of him, not to persist in their conduct, bearing with good nature the attacks on his reputation made by the scurrilous volume of Aulus Caecina and the abusive lampoons of Pitholaus.

    Accordingly, he took no further notice of the conspiracies which were detected, and of meetings by night, than to make known by proclamation that he was aware of them.

    When Judas had eaten the bread, Satan entered into him. Then Jesus told him, “Hurry and do what you’re going to do.”
    John 13: 27
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    Feb 20, 2016 9:31 PM GMT
    Response from a Person Who Believes It Is Right for Bisexual and Gay Teenagers to Commit Suicide over LDS Anti-Bisexual and Anti-Gay Policies (example: a married gay couple cannot baptize their child into LDS)

    I question your knowledge of the Lord. You focus more on Roman rulers than you do the words of Yeshua.


    Bisexual and gay teenagers should not commit suicide over Christianity because Christianity is more than 50% Roman Emperor Worship.

    Second, Christianity is designed for believers to fail spiritually. Here is the pernicious programming:

    Jesus is the son of the God of the Jews.
    Jesus believes in the god of the Jews.
    Moses was blessed to be in the presence of God.
    King David said, Lord, I will seek your face.
    The god of the Jews says at Leviticus 17:10, drink blood and I will turn my face away from you.
    Jesus: drink blood in remembrance of me.
    Jesus also told people through parable that the Jewish God was taking away the Promised Land and giving it to the Romans because the Jewish authorities, the wicked tenants gave the Jewish God's Son to the Romans first for capital punishment.
    This is part of the reason why Josephus and the Babylonian Talmud (see Jesus in the Talmud by Peter Schafer) consider declarations about Jesus calamitous.

    Therefore, Christianity is not worth your suicide. Either Jesus was better and did not lead people against the Torah and did not tell people the Jewish God was choosing another people or 1) Jesus was right to do this because the notion of the Jewish God was lost when there was no Exodus from the Romans but destruction of Temple Judaism and its notion of God or 2) the Roman overseers of new religions in the empire bugged Christianity to love and worship the Jewish God in quite dysfunctional ways.