New York University journalism professor Yvonne Latty took to Twitter this morning, claiming she and two students were racially profiled during a Marco Rubio campaign event in New Hampshire.

Latty and her graduate students were in town covering the presidential campaign for the school’s blog, The New Hampshire Chronicles, and Rubio’s rally Sunday in the town of Bedford was one of their last stops before returning to New York. According to Latty and the two students, Ugonma Ubani-Ebere and Taisha Henry, they arrived at the event as part of a group of sixteen classmates. They say that when they tried to set up their cameras, a Rubio staffer told them to put their cameras away because they lacked media credentials. The young women complied and thought nothing of it until, they say, the staffer kept an eye on them and eventually summoned another staffer to tell them a second time that they could not film the event. White classmates who lacked credentials continued recording unbothered.