I'm a bit late to Cartoon Network's Rick and Morty; it's obscure, I know, but I love the way dialogue is written and voiced for animation in general and this show in particular. One scene always makes me think of RJ on a couple levels. icon_wink.gif

Season 1, Ep. 6 "Rick Potion #9" (Jerry voiced by Chris Parnell, Beth by Sarah Chalke)

JERRY: Beth, do y-you still love me?
BETH: (typing) Ugh, what kind of question is that?
JERRY: The yes-or-no kind? (chuckles uneasily)
BETH: (still typing) Jerry: Do you want homeless people to have homes?
JERRY: Yes...
BETH: (over her shoulder) Are you going to build them?
JERRY: No...
BETH: (returns to typing) Then what good was the 'yes'?
Jerry: Wait. I-i-is loving me the house... or the homeless people?
BETH: (turning irritably) Loving you is work, Jerry. Hard work. Like building a homeless shelter. Nobody wants to say no to doing it, but some people put the work in. So what do you say? Do you see me working here? Does this conversation seem tedious to me?
JERRY: Sort of.
BETH: Then I obviously "sort of" love you, don't I?
(Beth's phone chirps)
BETH: (distractedly, checking messages) So stop asking, and maybe I'll love you more.

I love this scene; I've backed up and rewatched it more times than I should care to admit. The voice acting sells it perfectly.

Another favorite line of mine is Morty's in Ep. 8, "Rixty Minutes", as he tries to talk his older sister out of leaving home after finding out she was an unwanted pregnancy, by pointing out his own grave in the back yard as a reference to a previous alternate timeline episode:

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV?

Anyway, favorite conversations/lines, anyone? I don't use the term "great" in an absolute sense, just whatever resonates with you. TV, films, whatever else you like. Quote it, link it, embed it.

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EDIT: SPOILER ALERT: It's not as bad as it looked: