I know this is an old story but seems it kinda foreshadowed that pussy thing so I think it's fair game.
After insulting all Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and claiming POWs aren’t heroes because “they got captured” and seeing his poll numbers go up, Donald Trump put his sometimes-abrasive campaign into fifth gear Monday morning.

While speaking at an event in midtown Manhattan for the Iowa primary he called a nun, Sister Anne Discordia, a “no good c—” and then threw a cue ball, which for some reason he had in his pocket, at an infant. The infant suffered bruises but is in good condition. Sister Dacordia called the incident “traumatizing” but, because it was Donald Trump, “in no way surprising.”

People booed and hissed Trump after the incidents but at one point someone yelled, “Hey, he’s no-nonsense and isn’t playing by the rules.” The booing then slowly turned to applause and Trump’s poll numbers are now higher than ever.