Oh dear, the Christian v Judaism, the religious war of all religious wars icon_eek.gif

Cant say that I defend occultist Judaism but I think this time the loud mouth right wing nut, Huckabee BFF, occultist Christian has permanently stuck his foot in, ding dong the witch is dead icon_biggrin.gif

Evil Christian occultists are just throwing shade everywhere, they don't care where, just more and more sociopathic proof icon_rolleyes.gif

Maybe he turn on them and start yelling, 'Free Palestine' icon_eek.gif


Nugent's Facebook posts triggered cries of anti-Semitism and prompted gun-control activists and Second Amendment advocates alike to call for his removal from NRA's board of directors, as even several leading voices in the gun-rights movement say they can no longer justify his "half-baked rhetoric" and "simple-minded outbursts."