Key excerpts:

Tuesday night was a moment of clarification. We learned two things about election 2016:

First, Trump is a political force of nature and, though not unstoppable, is in a commanding position to win the GOP nomination. For all the talk about who among the governors and Senators who got 12 percent and 11 percent and 10 percent, Trump won more of the vote than Bush, Rubio, and Cruz combined.

As Rich Lowry of National Review points out, Trump won nearly every demographic group. Old and young. Rich and poor.”

Second, Hillary is the Walking Dead. She isn’t going to president.
It is striking that Trump is the anti-Obama in every way. Obama blames America first for every problem on the earth, from global warming to terrorism. Trump emanates love for America and pledges to “make America great again.”

Obama hates business. Trump runs businesses.

Obama is a pessimist. Trump is an optimist.

Obama is an elitist. Trump is a populist.

Obama ‎is a college professor and a community organizer. Trump is a job creator and a profit maker.

Obama is incompetent. Trump is a professional — he exudes competence.
First, don’t rule out another Democrat getting into the race, especially if Hillary falters in any of the next few primaries. Every Democrat pro knows that Bernie Sanders would lose a massive landslide election, and so the party will do everything — even changing the rules of the game if it comes to that — to prevent a Sanders nomination. Possible entrants would be Joe Biden, Al Gore, Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo, or Elizabeth Warren. My sources tell me Biden is seriously weighing a run.

The rub against Trump that he can’t win in November looks to be wrong. Trump certainly has some profound defects and his problem with minorities and women cannot be ignored. ‎He’s unpredictable and sometimes crude.

On the other hand, Trump could expand the Republican base to include independents and union Democratic voters. Trump is also getting better each day as he expands his base rather than shrinking it.
Trumpmania is a Black Swann political event that we’ve never seen before and may not ever see again.
The odds of Republicans winning in November shot up at the end of Tuesday night. The Democrats had a nightmare of a night.