Looks Like Jeb! Is Quitting The 2016 Race. With Update

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    Feb 21, 2016 2:02 AM GMT
    Developing story, I don't have a text link yet. But Jeb! is reported to be withdrawing from the Republican race after tonight's poor performance in South Carolina. That put Trump on top, with Cruz and Rubio in a close second.

    UPDATE: Story text and link now below.
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    Feb 21, 2016 2:35 AM GMT
    COLUMBIA, South Carolina—Jeb Bush replaced the exclamation mark of his campaign logo with a period Saturday night as he officially suspended his presidential campaign following a disappointing finish in South Carolina.

    "I'm proud of the campaign we have run," Bush said a few minutes into his speech. "But the people of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have spoken and I respect their decision so tonight I am suspending my campaign."

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    Feb 21, 2016 11:50 PM GMT
    Thank god for that, couldn't have another Bush in the White house, hopefully none of the others try in the future because that will be bad for the whole world not just your country. The corruption from the Bush Family and also the Clintons are rife and are in cahoots with the Saudi's and as myself and Trump has commented that they were responsible for 911 and the subsequent invasion of Iraq which has destabilised the whole of the middle east and also put the whole of Europe at risk, who would have thought that would happen again, WW3 is in the way unfortunately, I don't think even Trump could stop it from happening, I think its gone too far with the Saudi's sending ground troops to Syria, this is going to go nuclear and spread throughout the world.
    Hope Trump doesn't get assassinated, I bet they try, smart guy though, he has his own security as well as the secret service guys so hopefully not another JFK situation will happen, I know he isn't perfect but he actually gives a damn unlike most of the others and wants to save the country from total ruin, I hope he can save it and it hasn't gone too far. He has said he will release the missing 28 pages from the 911 commission report that states what really happened on that day and who was responsible, the guy has got balls of steel thats for sure, he apparently wears a bullet proof vest and carries a gun permanently, I don't blame him.
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    Feb 22, 2016 12:53 AM GMT

    I suppose then that puts an official end to the establishment republican side, only the real sociopathic crazies are left?
    (I don't consider Rubio one of those in the establishment)

    Thought this guy, had a chance, but nope, he trying to throw around his own bible thumping screwball power icon_rolleyes.gif

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