12 Gut-Wrenching Photos Show Aftermath of KKK Rally in Anaheim CA

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    Feb 29, 2016 7:15 PM GMT
    Why was the city of Anaheim (Disney) picked for this rally? I know Orange county CA is home to conservative republicans but the clan could have picked another OC city, like Irvine icon_confused.gif

    One guy was stabbed with the American flag pole tip, now all you non US citizens watching this in another 'civilized' country, take note icon_rolleyes.gif


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    Mar 01, 2016 1:15 PM GMT
    That is disgusting behaviour and they deserved to get arrested, what kind of civilised society has this kind of thing happening ???????
    I didn't realise the KKK were still active and proves a point that extremism happens in all religions so the fact that muslims seem to be being victimised right now shows that we haven't really evolved yet, I think there is going to be more trouble in France with the migrants, our so called leaders seem to screw everything up and make things more worse every time they interfere in different cultures business.
    I do not understand the mindset of these people involved in hating and targeting different groups of people, I don't know how they can look themselves in the mirror and have any respect for themselves.
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    Mar 01, 2016 1:27 PM GMT
    When I was growing up, this is the kind of shit I'd see on TV and think it's just in other countries.

    Now I'm halfway grown (middle age) and it's here.

    Some people think the govt is hiding extraterrestrial contact from us. I'm undecided on that issue, but if it's true, now we know why. Some people don't even like other people with different skin colors. Just think how they'd react to people from other star systems.
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    Mar 01, 2016 5:23 PM GMT
    not from outer space
    If the the Anaheim (Disney) violence hate is un acceptable the government should send a clear signal.

    generations has passed with affirming laws but:
    they are still shooting up abortion clinics
    the ladies and various minorities get less, put out more
    they will debate marriage equality for decades

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    Mar 01, 2016 6:51 PM GMT
    Yes, the Klan is a horrible outfit and its beliefs and actions are completely wrong, if not often legally criminal. However, as the ACLU will confirm by its prior representation of it, it also has First Amdt. rights to protest peacefully, and judging from this video, those rights were violated by the counter-protesters who attacked the Klan as it gathered.

    What's even worse are the MSM reports that decried the violence arising out of this incident, but failed to state, if not actively suppressed, in their reports, who instigated it: blacks and other "people of color,"* as clearly shown in this video. And no, protesting in itself is NOT an act of "violence," however easily "appalled" one may be by it.
    *Quotes used to indicate the ridiculous nature of this term - and to hasten its exit from the lexicon.