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...Alan Grayson, ever attuned to the internet grassroots, decided to use the controversy to his Senate campaign's advantage by letting his superdelegate vote be decided by an online poll.

In case you need a brush up on what exactly is going on here: The Democratic National Convention (DNC) gives a vote in its presidential nomination decision to every sitting Democratic governor, senator, congressperson, and elected member of the DNC. Twenty "distinguished party leaders" are also given votes. They're free to vote for whomever they like, in theory. Together, they account for 712 of the 4,763 delegates. The rest are being decided by these primaries and caucuses you might have heard about...

The superdelegates don't actually cast their votes until the convention. Back in November, however, the Associated Press tried to call up as many superdelegates as possible to find out whom they're supporting. The vast majority are on Team Hillary. No surprise, really. However, those delegates are free to change their mind without consequence. In 2008, several superdelegates started out as Team Hillary but switched to Team Obama when he won the popular vote in primaries and caucuses.

(and now for the cynical side of the story: )

...he's choosing the suspect method of internet vote. This has one main advantage, though: In order to vote, you have to sign up with an email address, which Grayson will then use to send you all sorts of campaign promos.

This is a total baiting of Sanders supporters: They love online polls! Plus, they're super concerned about superdelegates. Bernie will undoubtedly win this internet poll, and then Grayson will have tons of voters' email addresses.