79% of Dems satisfied w/Hillary as nominee, 62% w/Bernie. While only 53% of Repubs satisfied w/Rubio, 51% w/Cruz, and only 49% w/Trump of the barrel

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    Mar 06, 2016 3:06 AM GMT

    On Thursday, Mitt Romney, the previous Republican presidential nominee and the closest thing the GOP has to a party elder, denounced Trump in the strongest possible terms. Trump responded by making what sounded to me like a blow job reference....

    In exit polls so far, only 49 percent of Republican voters say they would be satisfied with Trump as their nominee — remarkable considering Trump’s lead in votes and delegates. But compounding the GOP’s problems, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would leave only slightly more Republican voters happy....

    The exit polls have asked Republican voters in seven states — here’s Tennessee, for example — whether they’d be satisfied if each of Cruz, Rubio and Trump won the nomination. Remember, these are actual voters — voters who gave Trump a win in six of the seven states where the exit poll asked this question — and not some hypothetical universe of “likely voters.” On average, just 49 percent of these actual Republican voters said they’d be satisfied with Trump. The numbers for the other two candidates were better, but not by much: 53 percent of voters said they’d be satisfied with Rubio, and 51 percent with Cruz....

    You might wonder whether this sort of thing always happens during a nomination campaign. The short answer is that it doesn’t. By comparison, 79 percent of Democrats this year have said they’d be satisfied with Hillary Clinton as their nominee, while 62 percent have said so of Bernie Sanders.

    YET southbeach1500 keeps sayingThe fix is in for Hillary.

    Eight years ago, the battle between Clinton and Barack Obama was much tenser. With a few notable exceptions in Appalachia, however, both Clinton and Obama were widely acceptable to Democrats in 2008. On average in the 35 states where the exit polls asked the question, 69 percent of Democrats said they’d be satisfied with Obama as their nominee, while 71 percent said so of Clinton:

    Not only is Trump’s 49 percent satisfaction rating lower than any recent party nominee’s, it’s also lower than almost all the losers’. Rick Santorum in 2012 was more widely acceptable than Trump, for example.

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    Mar 06, 2016 3:36 PM GMT
    Satisfaction: Between three-quarters and eight in 10 voters today across the Southern states say they’d be satisfied with Clinton as the eventual nominee, vs. only half to seven in 10 for Sanders. That’s the flipside of New Hampshire, where more voters said they’d be satisfied with Sanders as the nominee.

    YET southbeach1500 keeps sayingThe fix is in for Hillary.

    According the Huffington Post, Sanders had 37.9% of Democratic primary voters' support on Friday, compared to Hillary Clinton's 52.9%. Yet Sanders' standing in the polls has been on an upward trajectory for months, rising from 4.5% on Feb. 15, 2015, to 16.7% on July 6, 25.8% on Sept. 15 and 40.5% on Feb. 16, its highest peak yet, according to the Post. Rising from 4.5% to 40.5% during the course of the year shows the candidate has a track record of winning voters' support.

    YET southbeach1500 keeps sayingThe fix is in for Hillary.
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    Mar 06, 2016 7:31 PM GMT
    The Republicans I know are completely embarrassed by Trump and think he would be a disaster as president -- they are actually frightened by the thought. I don't know a single Republican who is actually planning to vote for Trump.