Mitt Could Become The Republican Presidential Nominee. "GOP leaders...can change the rules to...insert... (Mitt) as the candidate even though he has not been running"

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    Mar 09, 2016 8:07 PM GMT
    ...Romney was asked by a reporter whether he would accept the nomination in the event of a “brokered” or “contested” Republican National Convention in July. Romney suggested that, if it was given, he would accept it.

    “I don’t think anyone in our party should say, ‘Oh no, even if the people of the party wanted me to be president, I would say no to it,’” he said. “No one is going to say that.”

    ...A contested convention is a situation where, at the end of primary voting, no single presidential candidate — not Donald Trump, not Ted Cruz, not Marco Rubio — has won the number of delegates required to automatically be the nominee. In that situation, delegates at the Republican National Convention would have to start negotiating.

    “If nobody has enough delegates, then the negotiation begins,” Schmidt said. “For example, Donald Trump would go to Carson delegates or Rubio delegates and say back me, support me, I’m the most like what you want.”

    If not enough delegates choose to switch to another side, however, that’s where things get complicated.

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    Mar 09, 2016 8:27 PM GMT
    you freaks macro'd this 11000 times? lol. Oh that one must have really pissed you off lolol excellent!