Trying to open up...

  • Vivi_Carol

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    Mar 13, 2016 1:22 AM GMT
    I'm gonna try to open up a little more, and get to know some of the common people here.

    Who likes to write, and or read?

    Or video games? Who likes video games?

    ....Or is this just the place for...
    just let me know and I'll get the memo.
  • Patchs

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    Mar 13, 2016 2:17 AM GMT
    I play a shit ton of video games.

    I've probably spent more time with character creation screens than I have with my entire extended family.
  • Vivi_Carol

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    Mar 13, 2016 3:37 AM GMT
    ! (Shocking...)
    I like one video game but not like the average player would like it as.
    I've only really played one game to the end. That's FFIX, but the only thing that kept me interested was the story line. Its so good and I could really relate to one of the characters. So, I started writing stories inspired by that game. (I also wrote the entire game on paper before, wonder where those sack of papers are at now).
    But now, I write darker stories now, I also picked up on drawing, and level building. Level building being something I never thought I was capable of. I level build daily now.
    one game inspired me to get into level building.

    I've said too much. seems lame but I like it.