Chicago (CNN)—Mark Leibovich believes political reporters need to stop using words like "frustrated" and "angry" when referring to voters' support for GOP front-runner Donald Trump and start being far more blunt.

"One of my peeves is that the press always says, 'Oh, well, the voters are just frustrated and angry.' And they just use those stupid graveyard words over and over again. I mean, what we're talking about here in the Republican Party is, I would say ... racism, gullibility. I mean, words that are less flattering than frustrating and angry,"...

...the chief national correspondent for The New York Times Magazine and author of the book "This Town," a blistering critique of the Washington political scene, said Trump has made "fools" out of numerous political pundits with his success to date.

"There are a lot of fools out there that, you know, I've spent a lot of my career really kind of rolling my eyes at, and I assume you have, too, that he has kind of, I think, exposed," he told Axelrod.

Leibovich, reflecting on his past interviews of Trump, described the GOP front-runner as an "uncurious" person.

"The amazing thing about Trump is just he's one of the most intellectually uncurious people in the world," said Leibovich. "I mean, he just watches himself on TV all the time.