Poll: Voters back Sanders as the next commander in chief

Who do Americans think would be the most trustworthy person to lead the nation’s military? The answer may surprise you. According to a new Reuters/Ipsos poll, the highest-scoring candidate for the post is Democrat Bernie Sanders, who wins a total of 38 percent of those surveyed among Democrats, Republicans and independents. Hillary Clinton also beats out her Republican rivals, placing second with 31 percent overall.

Among Democrats, Sanders and Clinton won roughly similar support within the poll’s margin of error (61 percent and 57 percent respectively.)

Republicans, meanwhile, don’t seem to be fazed by the latest scuffles at Donald Trump’s rallies. with a majority of polled party members still thinking front-runner Trump would make the best head of the armed forces–and, by implication, the next president.

When Democrats and independents were added to the mix, a smaller total of 26 percent overall supported Trump leading the armed forces.