The Erection- Straight v Gay

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    Mar 20, 2016 2:36 AM GMT
    As we know, all men are visual and we use 'non verbal' cues to cruise or meet each other, straight or gay. As a (visual) gay man though, I know what makes my dick hard when I see something in a certain man. RJ forums have discussed this at length. I have to see some skin, at least shirtless, to get aroused from seeing a man

    But I am wondering as a (visual) straight man, what exactly gets him erect when he sees a women (facial attractiveness is objective as it would be with gay men). If most gay men are attracted to a nice set of pecs (that could induce an erection), then is it the same for straight men who see a pair of women's breasts, under clothing, bathing suit or bare chested?

    If gay men get an erection from seeing another man with an erection, does the straight man get an erection from seeing the women's vagina? Or is it more like seeing the whole package, like a fully naked man or fully naked women respectfully?

    Is the penis 'attractive' to gay men as the vagina is 'attractive' to straight men? What makes us gay and straight men attracted to the same or opposite sex? I suppose that which makes us erect?

    "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", why is it, as a gay man, I can appreciate a women's beauty but not get aroused by that beauty? I appreciate the same beauty in a man but will get aroused. Erections are very much visually controlled, straight or gay men. Just what is that control mechanism and there difference for each. icon_idea.gif

    Very complicated questions I am asking icon_lol.gif

    Losing An Erection and Sexual Orientation

    Penile Erections Are Complex
    The fact is, however, that penile erections are complex. Yes, they often come about because of sexual arousal (and therefore you might wonder if your lack of an erection reflects a lack of arousal to your girlfriend or women in general). But erections are not exclusively a reflection of sexual arousal.

    If that surprises you, just think back to the time around puberty when quite a few boys were probably unexpectedly having erections during math class or walking in the hallways or at the dinner table when there was nothing particularly arousing or sexual occurring at the moment.

    Penile erections, in all their complexity, can be influenced by physical touch, age, hormones, neurotransmitters (which is why some medications, such as many anti-depressants can influence sexual function), prescription drugs, stress, fatigue, relationship factors, cigarette smoking, alcohol use, and even the temperature in a room.

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    Mar 20, 2016 3:17 AM GMT

    I have noticed on line, the religious right wing, like to use the term "same sex attraction" instead of homosexuality, gay, bisexual or lesbian. From what I have read so far, using same sex attraction to define us, gives them a 'purpose' to find 'a cure'

    The above erection questions I asked could directly answer the failed attempts of the right wing at 'conversion' therapy, especially for gay men. Getting an erection when I see another man with an erection feels normal to me. The penis seems to have a mind of its own, controlled by the brain and feelings of the heart. This is why their therapy will never work. The brain would have to be completely re-wired, in a literal sense, not just "re-trained". Not sure how you could force a gay man to get an erection when looking at a vagina, through therapy sessions. It would seem the erection process should come naturally icon_eek.gificon_confused.gificon_idea.gif
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    Mar 20, 2016 4:11 AM GMT

    This new data reveals even more of my point. Real straight men cant view straight porn anymore. I am sure those who are searching lesbian porn, consider themselves straight men, probably all races.

    I assume these real straight men want or need to prove to themselves or others that they are really straight by completely removing any men while getting completely aroused and erect just watching women.

    Visually removing the man from heterosexual sex, must give the straight male confidence that he isn't getting an erection or aroused by any part of the man, therefore satisfies his own ego that he is completely 100% heterosexual.

    In contrast, I don't know of any real gay man who can get, keep an erection or ejaculate while watching lesbian porn icon_idea.gif

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