So I finished seeing that movie 2 hours ago, yet my heart is still racing! But the critic in me loves dissecting even the best of films, so here's my haphazard list of plot holes (If you haven't seen it yet, stop reading and go see it NOW!):

1. Emmett and Michelle plotted to take Howard's gun and hold him at gunpoint while one of them goes off in a makeshift hazard suit to find help... so Michelle spends all this time secretly building the suit and trying to avoid getting caught. Couldn't Emmett be holding Howard at gunpoint right away, so that Michelle has all the resources to build the very best suit in a fraction of time, right in the open? If he couldn't get the gun now while Howard's guard is down, then why bother with the other steps?

2. The scene with the woman outside was the most powerful one for me. We can see the invisible toxins in the outside air only through her escalating violence in trying to get in. But at the end, as the alien ship was spraying the concentrated green gas right over Michelle, it was minutes later that her gas mask was ripped off by the alien and yet she was fine.

3. All this time in the bunker and the only person who knocked on the front door happened to do so right as Michelle is trying to escape for the first time? Coincidence much? Maybe everyone else in range died off after a while though.

4. Maybe cell phone reception truly is down, but why isn't Michelle at least demanding to try her phone in the airlock, instead of just believing Howard when he points to the radio static as "proof".

5. If I just disfigured someone with a barrel of acid and pinned him down with some shelving, I'd probably make sure he's dead before trying to wiggle around in some duct that is easily stabbable from the outside. Though what Michelle did is reasonable given the panic.

6. Not one scene of them periodically looking out the airlock checking up on what's going on outside. Seems silly to just accept "2 years underground" while having no clue what the outside world looks like.