Why would any but the stupidist criminal rob a bank in Germany, France, or the UK, where he might spend years in prison, when he can do it in Belgium and go essentially unpunished? One of the terrorist bombers robbed a bank, attempted to kill police with a machine gun, and was sentenced to only 9 years in prison, and then got paroled after only 4 years. Then, to top it off, the Turks warned the Belgians that one of these disgusting thugs was deported back to Belgium from Turkey, after being caught on the Syrian border. Of course, the Belgian security services would have then picked him up or followed him. But this is Belgium, after all, the Mexico of Europe, so they did nothing, and he then blew up a bunch of innocent travelers. The Belgian government is as much responsible for the bombings as the terrorists who did them. Everyone should think twice before changing planes in Brussels. This is probably not the last time.