A friend was asking me about Tulsi Gabbard. She was wondering if it was possible for her to eventually run for President of VP. She was born in American Samoa, a US Territory. She spent her first 2 years there. Anyways, it turns out that Samoa is the only US territory where people are not born with a US citizenship unless their parents are citizens. It was done for bigoted reasons. We are not sure if her mother was a US citizen at the time Tulsi was born. We know her father was not.

"Her father Mike Gabbard, who is a state senator, is from American Samoa. Her mother Carol Porter Gabbard, a white American, is a practicing Hindu. Her father is a Catholic."



Last year, a judge ruled that the policy of not making Amerian Samoans US citizens automatically actually violates the US Constitutions 14th Amendment.

How Come American Samoans Still Don’t Have U.S. Citizenship at Birth?


So it is still unclear, if she would meet the requirements of being a natural born citizen or not?