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  • Syther

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    Mar 31, 2016 12:26 AM GMT
    I was messaging a cute older guy on gaydar last year and he seemed like a genuine, nice guy

    For one reason or another we never met. I was busy with work and we just lost contact.

    Anyway a few weeks ago my mate tells me he has met someone he really likes. And who was it only the guy I was chatting to on gaydar last year.

    Now I'm regretting not meeting him and I'm feeling a bit jealous as my mate describes how great this guy is.

    I'm not posting this looking for advice, more so to just tell of my experience.

    I know if I was back again I would have made the time to meet him last year.
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    Apr 02, 2016 7:09 AM GMT
    Connections can be made with someone when you encounter them at the right time. It wasn't the right time for you.
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    Apr 02, 2016 1:43 PM GMT
    work life is important too. its the balance.

    If your up front with most men they will be understanding that your distracted by your work and its up to them to carry the effort forward. Its a temporary situation and you will be back online for them soon.
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    Apr 15, 2016 3:51 PM GMT
    Sometimes we make mistakes , we take things for granted and we lose , that is life and we learn from our mistakes .
  • SilverRRCloud

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    Apr 21, 2016 9:11 PM GMT
    Guilty as chargedicon_redface.gif

    When it comes to real life, the logical choice between the tangible benefits on one side, and a potential for bliss or failure on the other side, is usually easy to make.

    The problem with past regrets is that these mostly have a very selective memory. 'If I only did/did not do this, that or the other thing'... The truth is that everything is somehow connected. Taking a specific course of action mostly affects everything in your life to various degrees.

    If I had not dedicated so much of my life to fostering my career, I could have had a more exciting personal life - or so the cliche goes. Possibly so. But without the professional achievement most of my present life would have been unattainable, and I would be swimming in very different waters, facing very different problems.

    Everything would have been different, not only the bits and pieces that I would want to be different.

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    Apr 21, 2016 9:25 PM GMT
    Life is full of regrets. This probably wasn't your first and it certainly won't be your last.