moving to ft lauderdale or charleston

  • rip12

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    Mar 31, 2016 1:17 AM GMT
    ok i never do this but am curious to hear from guys familiar with either of the above areas

    have been contemplating a move - originally was going to take the plunge and go for fort lauderdale but recently visited charleston, sc and changed my mind completely

    i know - how could 2 cities be more different

    i like ft lauderdale for its night life and weather

    charleston is so aesthetically pleasing however and has pretty good weather - not sure about its gay life in general but as long as there is something im thinking i could learn to like that part of it also?

    any comments would be appreciated
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    Mar 31, 2016 1:30 AM GMT
    rip12 said
    any comments would be appreciated

    I've spent time in Charleston, and you're correct, it has a wonderful Southern ambiance. Your thread and RJ profile do not indicate your career or other interest areas, which obviously could be significant decision factors.

    I live in Wilton Manors, a city adjoining Fort Lauderdale. Of which I'm very fond, with a gay ambiance of its own. There's also nearby Oakland Park, which has some very nice sections. With enough money you can find some stunning neighborhoods, and right on the waterways if you would like that view or would have a boating interest yourself.

    An option is to live in Charleston, and visit South Florida. We have a number of gay friends around the US, including in Chicago, on Cape Cod, in Atlanta, and up and down the East Coast who do exactly that. Some stay with friends while visiting, others keep condos here for longer and more frequent stays. This really is the Condo Capital of the US.
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    Mar 31, 2016 1:40 AM GMT

    I've only been to Charleston for a few days at a time but I've stopped there a few times as I love the place. And it's not too far from another place I've been to a few times that I also love, Savannah which probably has a better nightlife, so you could pop over there for weekends. But otherwise there's not a whole lot else around there, certainly nothing in comparison to Lauderdale. Though once in SC you're in fairly easy drive to the Blue Ridge Mtns where I've done a number of road trip. It's stunning up there.

    Gay-wise, I've only been to a couple of gay bars in some of those southern states and they were really weird. Some had bars and locked doors, side entrances, you had to be buzzed in, that sort of 1950s pre-Stonewall ambiance. I've stopped my road trips there when they all became so vocally anti-gay so I don't know the current situation. I recall the people in the bars enjoying themselves but I wasn't real comfortable with it. Seemed a bit of a throw-back.

    But with electronic hookup now, could be the bars don't matter as much anymore. Just beware the banjo.

  • rip12

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    Apr 01, 2016 12:57 AM GMT
    sorry i wasnt more precise

    work and finances are not an issue in this move

    ive been going to ft lauderdale for years so know it well - i have some friends there and am as familiar with it as anywhere - no issues getting around etc. - know where everything is

    over the years i have lived at all 4 corners of the country including 1 stint overseas and honestly i really like it here - except im really tired of the weather - i like 4 seasons of summer if i can arrange it!!

    bmore is a true hometown town where u actually know people and see them on the street, in the grocery store, etc. - its a comfortable life that i do cherish

    ft lauderdale has a huge gay population which is nice - alot of choices when going out etc. - aesthetically its lacking with strip malls, traffic everywhere, and generally ugly except for its beaches - just my opinion - NOT A JUDGEMENT!!

    charleston is a perfect size, seemed to be very friendly people, and aesthetically beautiful - i spent days walking around admiring the architecture and really liked the kick back atmosphere and general friendliness of everyone i met

    plus most people seemed settled and happy - unlikely to be here 1 day and gone the next

    my question centers more on how a single gay man can fare in a town like charleston? i recognize there will not be the choices available to me similar to ft lauderdale when going out etc. - but if the people are friendly and easy to get to know etc. i wouldnt think that would make a difference?

    hope this makes sense?
  • rip12

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    Apr 01, 2016 1:39 AM GMT
    no although new orleans is a nice place - have been many times

    im settled on ft lauderdale or charleston only