Big big trip !!

  • James___

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    Apr 01, 2016 4:10 PM GMT
    Hello Guys,

    Looking for a "campervan" buddy.

    I have had one (campervan) for a few years now, and - have had a whale
    of a time. I have traveled all over Scotland and England doing
    outdoor pursuits. Climbing mountains in both countries, wild camping,
    and walking.

    Now looking to try Europe and further.
    Looking for someone who would be interested in such an epic tour.
    Would suit someone who can contribute to going 50/50 on all expenses,
    fuel, food, ect ect...

    This journey is open to someone who is looking for a couple of years from their career and is no hurry to get back to it.
    Might also suit someone who has taken early retirement from their career and are now looking to fill in the next part of their journey in life doing something exciting!!

    I have not made a plan with regards the route - So if you come along
    you will be able to give fifty percent of where you would like to go !!

    Person, will need to be physically and mentally fit as this trip
    is not for the faint - hearted....

    Please advise if you are up for a private discussion so we can get a plan in place !!


  • Triggerman

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    Apr 01, 2016 9:51 PM GMT
    Sounds like a great adventure! I did a similar event on my 2004 Harley Super Glide. No agenda except seeing America, Mexico and Canada. No route, just riding everywhere and staying anywhere. Met some amazing folks along the way. I hope you find a travel companion because it is best shared with a friend just so 20 years from now you can look at each other and say hey wasn't that crazy?