Anal Sex Questions! Pleasurable? For how long? Relatable??

  • MoistYam

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    Apr 04, 2016 10:06 PM GMT
    Hey, so I tend to have a certain issue when it comes to anal. It has to do with the pleasure aspect in relation to the length of the activity.

    When I first get fucked, of course it takes a little bit to get used to his penis inside of me. After a while, the typical "just wait a while and it'll feel good!" phenomenon occurs. And it DOES feel amazing! But, after a couple minutes, it just starts to feel gross and uncomfortable at all. My body gets a bit cold, especially around my ass (obviously, since he's fucking me and airflow and such) and the lube starts to get sticky and it gets all sweaty and I just can't keep my mind off of it. (And the fear of shit and all that stuff despite my thorough cleansing) As a result, it just doesn't feel good AT ALL. I lose my hard on immediately.

    So, my question is: Do any of you guys feel a similar issues after a while into anal sex?

    Another issue: Do you guys also find it discomforting when he fucks you and air gets lodged in your ass and you get terrified of farting when he pulls out? -__-

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Apparition

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    Apr 04, 2016 10:27 PM GMT
    you need to separate your cleanliness fears from physical sensations. Put your mind in the place of the top...

    ..So there you are pounding away, experiencing the greatest sensation ever invented, and there is some noise, and some mess the bottom is going to clean up anyway and wont affect you in any feels so great that IT MAKES YOU as a top, are you going to stop pounding that hole, or ignore everything but hitting that inch long nerve under the head of your dick. Problem solved.

    Alternatively, you give the top the choice of getting laid with a little mess or NOT getting laid at all. The choice is obvious.
  • rnch

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    Apr 04, 2016 10:30 PM GMT
    A high quality silicone lube will stay "slippery" for much longer than a water or oil based lube.
  • takashi

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    Apr 10, 2016 2:41 AM GMT
    "you need to separate your cleanliness fears from physical sensations. Put your mind in the place of the top..."
    This! If you have cleaned yourself thoroughly as you say then that should be good enough and for lube you should be applying fresh lube when necessary anyway!
    For me the longer the better. If it ends too fast really, you don't know what hit you.
    But when the top can last then you really start enjoying whats happening.
    I just enjoy that intense feeling of a man going in and out of me, when he has his weight on me and I can wrap my arms and legs around his body, to show my appreciation for him. I love it when we get really intense and he gives me long slow powerful strokes, where I can feel every inch of him passing through my body. I love it especially when my man is deep inside me and we kiss, so erotic...I can't help it, I love the exchange of body fluids...
    As I am getting older the time between sex is getting longer and longer, my body just cannot take it as it use to. So when I do have some I want to go all the way and enjoy my man as much as I can.
    You can't be irresponsible but you do have to let yourself go and enjoy the moment. Turn off the A/C and sweat, get slippery!
    Who cares if you fart every now and then while a guy is fucking you, he's the one who pumps you up with the air! (I actually love that wet sticky sound, I always say, you made me do that, to my man)
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    Apr 13, 2016 11:03 PM GMT
    Well, I've always done my best to be as empty as possible in the area concerned. Also I lub up before hand and use a dildo to insure everything feels good. That gives me the confidence to relax during sex. I don't always get erect when he is having his fun but the pleasure I get from him pounding my ass is amazing. Yes it hurts, yes he makes me flinch when he pulls out and pushing back in. But the sensation when he goes deep and pushes that air inside me. The pain, discomfort and pleasure all in one. I like penetrative sex to last at least half an hour. You may find more enjoyment if he goes slow and gentle, adding lub to his cock everytime he pulls out.